Coming Soon Trailers: Morgan, The Light Between Oceans

Coming Soon Trailers:  Morgan,  The Light Between Oceans.

To start September we get just two new features, Morgan, a futuristic horror film, and The Light Between Oceans, a period drama.

Coming Soon Trailers: Morgan
Waiting for Oscar…

Summer must be over, because Hollywood is pivoting away from big action blockbusters and comic books back towards dramas and horror films.  This week we have two wide releases, though The Light Between Oceans is premiering on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to theaters.  It certainly feels like a film that is hoping to ride a slow wave of critical success, possibly even staking out an early positions for the Oscars.  The second release, Morgan, was absent from the list as of just Monday, though that appears to be more of a snafu than a sign of insecurity from the studio.

Complimenting this small wide release period is a selection of VOD videos that, frankly, I’m a bit embarrassed to even post trailers for.  This is not a strong home video week, to be sure!  Most of the fare comes from horror films of dubious quality, and we get a dreadful “comedy” about a lecherous Halloween Party.  Ruining Halloween?  That’s crap!

Wide Release


A team of geneticists have created the perfect human, Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch) but problems are brewing.  After a deadly accident, a corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara, Fantastic Four) is sent in to assess the project, but becomes entangled in a game of survival as Morgan seeks her freedom from the program.


See It:  Yes. 

While it is heavily reminiscent of themes in last years favorite, Ex Machina, the cast is solid and the visuals are crisp.  Hopefully it can pair these elements while breaking some new ground.

The Light Between Oceans

A veteran of the first World War seeks refuge on a lonely light-house island, but finds his soul mate in the daughter of the mainland schoolmaster.  Their relationship is threatened when they loose their first child in infancy, but a miracle occurs and they find a newborn left adrift in a life boat.  They raise the child with love, but the identity of the child’s true parents may tear them apart.


See It:  Rent it.

I’m certainly no fan of the genre, but this one seems well made and extremely talented in the cast department.  It has enough romance for those looking to watch beautiful people fall madly in love, but the drama also has teeth, making the story compelling.  Perfect for the small screen.

Video on Demand

Blood is Blood

Four well-to-do siblings with dangerously close ties are thrown into chaos when the elder brother plans to marry.  His oldest sister is especially hurt, feeling like the new woman will replace him.  None of that matters, though, since her brother tries to kill her but she kills him.  This lands her in a mental institution, for some reason…where her other brother tries to kill her.  What the hell is wrong with these people?!


See It:  Nope.

While this film does seem to be visually polished, the story is a dog’s vomit of half-baked ideas and unnecessary complications.  The trailer appears to give away the whole plot, including two seemingly important twists, and the premise is just weird to begin with.  Avoid this family feud.


A hard partying gal blacks out one night and wakes up pregnant.  As she tries to decide what to do (consulting her usual suite of chemicals as well as her equally high roommates) she discovers that the pregnancy is progressing terrifying fast, with other-worldly effects upon her body.  Whatever she is carrying may be more terrifying than…just, you know, a normal baby and stuff.


See It:  Wait.

Stylish with nice visuals, there is certainly a kernel of interest here, but I’d want to get some reviews on this piece first, ones not from the usual horror genre magazines that will praise pretty much any film with a bucket of blood and a ten dollar budget.


A young woman who makes sex dolls for a living dreams of publishing her own comic book, one that features a Hollywood director who is her ideal of the perfect man.  This director is in turn working on a film about a novelist, who it turns out is writing a story about a young woman who makes sex dolls for a living while dreaming of publishing a comic book…


See It:  Yes.

A bit over-earnest, this film has a fun and engaging premise, some nice performances, and a unique visual aesthetic.  Worth a home viewing.

Halloween Party

A voyeuristic couple use cameras to catch every kinky and embarrassing moment from their yearly Halloween party.


See It:  Nope.

Avoid this trash.  The dialogue is atrocious and poorly delivered, the premise is hot garbage, and the budget seems non-existent.  It’s trying to be edgy and titillating, but fails to even be prurient.  Oh, and their ideas of funny costumes all suck.

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