Coming Soon Trailers: Movie Overload!

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Douses Inferno on Halloween.
Take that, Opie!

Coming Soon Trailers: Movie Overload!

October explodes with 4 new wide release films and 6 more VOD offerings.  I need more eyeballs.

Coming Soon Trailers: Movie Overload!October is trying to kill me.  There’s no other way to parse it.  11 new films hit the theater so far, and we’ve had 21 VOD releases to date.  It’s only the 20th of the month.

Last week, each of the new outings looked promising (and we’ll be getting you our reviews of them as fast as we can!)  Can this week measure up?  I sure hope not, cause I can’t sit in a theater for another 10 hours this week.  Just saying.

Wide Release

Boo!  A Madea Halloween

Madea (Tyler Perry) gets invited to watch her granddaughter on Halloween, in order to keep her from sneaking out to a party.  The teen gets her friends to prank Madea, scarring her out of the house, but actual ghouls are prowling the city as well.  And clowns, ’cause topical humor.


See It?:  Maybe.

You know, I’m not a big fan of Perry’s Madea routine.  Black comedian plays a brassy older lady in a fat-suit is low-hanging fruit on the comedy tree (if even Martin Lawrence has done it, it’s not exactly high art.)  But…this looks like one of the better Madea films.  It embraces its silliness and has enough gags to sustain it, even if it plays more like a Scary Movie for older folks knock-off.

Jack Reacher:  Never Go Back

Jack Reacher is back, and doing secret government agent stuff.  Tom Cruise playing a stock Tom Cruise character, in other words.


See It?:  Rent it.

I’ve seen this trailer relentlessly on Netflix, because that’s where this film belongs.  It already feels like a discount Mission Impossible.  Save your money and stream it in a month.

Keeping up with the Joneses

A mild mannered couple become infatuated with their glamorous next door neighbors, only to discover that there is something dangerous about them.  Hilarity ensues.


See It?:  Rent it.

This isn’t a new concept by any stretch, and it seems to lean very heavily on cheap laughs and trying to show Gal Gadot in as little clothing as possible.  Wait for it to be free if you’re in need of mindless humor.

Ouija:  Origin of Evil

A family of supernatural frauds actually encounters the paranormal when they try to incorporate a Ouija board into their routine.


See It?:  Skip It.

There’s nothing new here, and the scares look like a copy/paste from every other franchise that’s come out in the last decade.

Video on Demand

In a Valley of Violence

A loner drifts into a town dominated by hooligans, dubbed the Valley of Violence.  When he thrashes one of them, they form a posse to hunt him down and kill him.  He survives, and brings bloody vengeance to their town.


Thoughts:  Skip it/Wait for it to be free.

First, I hate Ethan Hawke.  His growling cowboy voice I’m just not buying.  Second, it has John Travolta trying to be tongue-in-cheek funny.  Remember Broken Arrow or Face/Off?  That kind of Travolta.  Lastly, it seems just very generic, like a second string version of Unforgiven.  As a Western fan, I want better than this.

Fear, Inc.

Four friends are looking for a good scare and come across a company that guarantees to make your worst fears come true.  As the night of horror continues, how much is entertainment, and how much is actually real?


Thoughts:  Wait for it to be cheap.

There’s a kernel of really subversive horror here, along with some knowing winks to fans of the genre, a la Scream.  This could be decent, but I’d wait for a discount.

Mr. Church

A family hires a caretaker for their daughter when they learn that her mother is terminally ill.  The caretaker (Eddie Murphy) stays with the family for decades, helping them to heal and live full lives after their loss.


Thoughts:  See it.

Yes.  This is a hell of a come back for Murphy.  The plot is moving and not overly sentimental, and Murphy seems restrained and nuanced, giving a great performance.  Don’t miss this.


A stalker has the tables turned on him when his victim captures him and decides to treat him to a pleasant evening of light torture.


Thoughts:  No clue.

I can’t decide how to feel about this.  It’s a strong premise, which I enjoyed in the movie Hard Candy, but the tone seems all wrong.  My first reaction was “Skip It” but I’m not sure. What is even going on here?  I’m confused.  You’re guess is as good as mine.

Good Kids

Four squeaky clean honor students decide to spend their last high school summer doing all of the bad things they’ve skipped while earning free rides to great colleges.


Thoughts:  Skip it.

From the makers of American Pie…another movie almost identical to American Pie!  Standard fare with an over-reliance on sex and crudity.  No thanks, pie fuckers.

Wizard Mode

A documentary following an autistic man who is venturing out into the work force, while also trying to realize his dream of becoming the highest ranked pinball champion in the world.


Thoughts:  See it.

Well made, lots of nice visuals, a keen eye for detail and a memorable subject.  That’s pretty compelling points for a documentary.

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