Coming Soon Trailers: No Escape, We Are Your Friends, POD

Coming Soon Trailers

Time for another installment of trailer previews!  This week might just be your week for catching up on your Netflix queue, as there is a decided lack of interesting new releases.  I bet Jurassic World is still in theaters, though, so you’ve got that going for you…

No Escape

Owen Wilson moves his family of four to an unnamed Asian country in order to rebuild his life, only to watch as his new home spirals into a bloody civil war.  With armed clashes becoming common events, and American hostages becoming a valuable commodity, he has to escape the country with his family before all routes out of the country are closed.

When to See It:  Rent it.  While I do enjoy me some Owen Wilson, No Escape doesn’t go far enough to hook me.  An interesting premise can be seen here, but it seems to be struggling under the weight of generic action thriller cliches.

War Room

When a couple’s marriage begins to collapse, they discover Jesus.

When to See It:  Never.  Another exploitative “Come to Jesus” film featuring lousy acting, contrived drama, and Kirk Cameron.  That’s the trifecta of suck right there, and no amount of praying in your “war room” is going to make this movie worth watching.

We Are Your Friends

A young man searching for fame on the edge of Hollywood discovers his talents for DJ’ing may be his ticket to stardom.

When to See It:  Never.  Don’t encourage this behavior.  Not from your movies and not from your teenagers.


When a concerned couple visit their reclusive brother-in-law in the Maine woods, they find that he has become a paranoid and violent hermit, filled with delusions of government conspiracies.  When he also reveals that he is keeping a “monster” locked up in his basement, the situation goes from worrying to terrifying.

When to See It:  VOD is fine for POD.  The price is tad high at $7, but this seems like an engaging independent horror film.

Digging for Fire

Married life is starting to chafe for a young husband and wife, who respond to the crisis by seeking out their friends for a weekend retreat apart.

When to See It:  Rent it.  Give this one a few months to hit your local Redbox or end up on Netflix.  The cast and writing feel solid, but the plot is touch too mundane to warrant paying full price up front for this film.

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