Coming Soon Trailers: Office Christmas Party, The Bounce Back.

Coming Soon Trailers: Office Christmas Party, The Bounce Back.

Much like last week we have only one wide release, one expansion, and one limited release…plus 9 Video on Demand titles.

Coming Soon Trailers: Office Christmas Party, The Bounce Back.
Just a Key or Peele away from a full roster.

I think I broke the scroll wheel on my mouse trying to see how many VOD titles we’ve got on tap this week.  The only wide release is Office Christmas Party, and ensemble comedy that appears to star everyone who had a comedy movie this year.  Miss Sloane is the latest Oscar hopeful to begin ramping up screen presence, and The Bounce Back, a rom-com, tries to sneak into the slow weekend with a 600 theater limited wide release.  As always, let’s get cracking.

Wide Release

Office Christmas Party

A kill-joy CEO (Jennifer Aniston) is sent to shut down her brother’s money-losing branch, but he has a plan to throw an outrageous Christmas party that will impress a big client into investing.

See It?:  Rent it.

A who’s who of current comedy, but it doesn’t feel fresh or exciting.  Bargain matinee this if you have to get your holiday jollies before it hits the Redbox kiosk.

Limited Release

The Bounce Back

A hot self help guru with a book about overcoming bad relationships finds himself infatuated with a television psychologist who is famous for tearing his latest book to shreds.  Asked to do a big interview together, they find themselves hitting it off.

See It?:  Rent it.

I actually like the premise here, and I think the casting is strong (which I would never have thought I’d say about a movie with Bill Bellamy in it!)  I still think this is rental, but I can see those trying to avoid all of the blockbuster hype this season snuggling up to this rom-com.


Miss Sloane

A powerful lobbyist who gets her way no matter what the price finds herself drawn to an unwinnable cause, drawing the ire of former colleagues and the gun lobby.

See It?:  Rent it.

I want to like this, and I like the premise…I just don’t buy Jessica Chastain in this role.  She sounds like she’s about to weep while reading her “kill or be killed” dialogue.  The mismatch pulls me out of believing any of this (and I’m sure she’ll overcome all the odds and win the case, too.)

Video on Demand

Frank & Lola

A chef with a bright future and a fashion designer with powerful connections have a passionate affair.  He is unable to let go, and she is chained to a past filled with people who don’t like disappointment.  As their careers and personal lives fall apart, can they save themselves or their relationship?

See It?:  Yes.

Michael Shannon is on the verge of over-exposure, but he does his best work in these little indie gems.  The atmosphere and characters are moody and exciting, and has a nice aesthetic.  I’m down for some noir intrigue.


A reporter discovers that somebody has been purchasing homes with violent histories, and then removing the crime scenes from each house before reselling them.  She decides to follow the trail to a mysterious cult leader who is building something unspeakable.

See It?:  Skip It.

Silly premise, lackluster scares, and canned dialogue delivered by cliched characters.  Yup, a modern haunted house story.  Yawn.

All We Had

A single mother and her daughter, trying to get free of their past, end up in a small town working in a diner.  As they pick the pieces of their lives, the daughter begins to resent her mother for the choices that brought them there.

See It?:  Skip It.

As Katie Holmes directorial debut, I don’t hate this film, but I do think there is a bit of a mismatch between the young actress who plays the daughter and everyone else in terms of talent.  I just can’t imagine 2 hours of watching her yell her over-earnest dialogue at me.

Beyond the Gates

Two brothers investigate the office of their missing father’s video store and find a VHS board game that promises to answer their questions, if they can survive it.

See It?:  Rent it.

OK.  This looks cheesy and a bit over-acted, but the premise has got me very interested.  I’m willing to walk into a bad movie just to see how this plays out.

Harry Benson:  Shoot First

A documentary of Harry Benson, a Scottish photographer who managed to capture intimate moments with iconic subjects such as The Beatles, Mohamed Ali, and Michael Jackson.

See It?:  Netflix it.

Netflix is for documentaries.©


Did you ever wish Black Hawk Down and Ghostbusters were mashed into one movie?  Netflix did.

See It?:  Netflix it…cause its on Netflix.  Not because it’s particularly great.

This seems like the flimsiest of the new Netflix originals ( and that’s counting all the Adam Sandler twaddle.)  Spec-ops versus killer ghosts.  Now that title would have sold me…

Accidental Courtesy:  Daryl Davis, Race, & America

Daryl Davis, a black actor and musician with a long pedigree, spends his down time meeting and talking with members of the Ku Klux Klan.  He has several members and former members who are friends, and some left the white supremacist group after getting to know Daryl.  In this documentary, Mr. Davis shares his experiences breaking bread with people who would normally be his enemies.

See It?:  Yes.

This is what documentaries are about.  A large personality, a larger than life mission, and the everyday intersection of history, race, and personal choice.  Check this film out.

Burn Country

A former war correspondent from Afghanistan ends up in a rural Californian town after being exiled.  Bored with his job at the local paper, he tries to do some real investigative journalism again, but runs afoul of a community that likes to keep it’s secrets and taboos strictly confidential.

See It?:  Skip It.

So tired of James Franco.  Beyond that, this film seems to be trying too hard to be Twin Peaks.


A documentary about the TR 808 rhythm synthesizer which revolutionized 1980’s dance music, gave birth to many modern genres, and helped to propel many musical acts to fame.

See It?:  Netflix it.

Netflix is for documentaries.©


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