Coming Soon Trailers: Overboard, Tully, Bad Samaritan.

Coming Soon Trailers: Overboard, Tully, Bad Samaritan.

Coming Soon Trailers: Overboard, Tully, Bad Samaritan.

In the wake of Infinity War, Hollywood counter-programs with comedy, drama and a thriller.

Coming Soon Trailers: Overboard, Tully, Bad Samaritan.
Tennant is really taking to playing the bad guy lately.

The all-clear signal has sounded, though there’s likely to be fallout at the box office from the record-breaking release of Avengers Infinity War for weeks to come.  Looking to cater to audiences not in the mood for super heroic blockbusters, Hollywood has a trio of new releases:  a horror/thriller starring David Tennant, a comedic remake of the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn classic Overboard, and a drama/comedy featuring Charlize Theron.

On the home front, we have nine new releases.  There are a pair of documentaries, a stoner comedy, a trio of horror films and a war drama based on real events set in Norway.  If you’re looking to stay in, or are just really interested in giving Danny Trejo another 5 bucks, the VOD market has quite a bit of variety this weekend.

Wide Release.

Bad Samaritan.

A valet with a side business of burglarizing the home of his clients discovers a terrifying secret:  a woman being held prisoner by a sadistic killer.  He flees the scene and calls the cops, but they find no evidence of his story.  Now the killer is after him and he must try to rescue the woman alone.


An arrogant playboy hires a poor single mother to clean his luxury yacht, tormenting her and refusing to pay her.  When the man falls overboard and is discovered with amnesia, the young woman hatches a revenge plan to pose as his long lost wife.


A mother of three (Charlize Theron) is overwhelmed by the addition of a young infant to her family.  Her brother hires her a nanny, but the young woman is a little strange.  As the two woman grow accustomed to each other, they develop a bond over their shared responsibility.

Video on Demand.


Two hired assassins go rogue to get revenge for their slain boss.  The set a trap for their victim in a remote motel, but are soon overwhelmed by strange and demonic forces that reside in the derelict building.  Soon, revenge is the least of their worries as a passage to hell is opened and everyone fights for survival.

Duck Butter.

Two young women disillusioned with their past romantic encounters share an instant chemistry.  To test their shared conviction about intimacy and honesty, they devise a pact where they will spend an intense 24 hours together.  Will too much of a good thing destroy their chance at a long-term relationship?


A documentary following a team of synchronized swimmer, sharing their brutal training regimen and inspirational drive to succeed and reach the Olympics.

Cartel 2045.

As the drug war escalates, the cartels gain a pivotal advantage:  the use of black market robotics allows them to strike at their enemies with impunity.  A marine heads to Juarez to find his brother and to overthrow the man in charge of the deadly new drug gangs.

Dead List.

An aspiring young actor up for a big part will do anything to get the role, including making a deal with the devil.  The actor creates a curse that causes his rivals to perish in increasingly devilish ways.

Acorn and the Firestorm.

A documentary exploring the role the community organizing group Acorn, the fabricated controversy that put the organization in the headlines, and the fallout from all of the media controversy that followed.

Most Likely to Murder.

Billy  returns to his home town, expecting to still be the big fish in the small pond.  Instead, he discovers that people have moved on with their lives, including his old flame.  She is in a relationship with a guy who everyone thought was weird in high school.  Billy starts to suspect that an unexplained murder may be connected to this former outcast, and he’s dead set on unseating his rival.

Gehenna:  Where Death Lives.

A team of researchers enter a sealed bunker from World War 2, only to find that not everything inside is dead.  Far from it.

The 12th Man.

A team of 12 of Norwegian freedom fighters set out on a mission to sabotage the advance of the Nazis who are invading their homeland.  Things go terribly wrong, and only one of the men survives.  So begins a race for survival that lasts for months as the man tries to elude the Nazi Gestapo in the frigid and merciless wilds of Scandinavia.

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