Coming Soon Trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, Unsane.

Coming Soon Trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, Unsane.

Coming Soon Trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, Unsane.

With six new movies in theaters and eight movies arriving on VOD, I hope you invested in an extra large popcorn.

Coming Soon Trailers: Pacific Rim Uprising, Unsane.March has yet to find its big hit movie that can rival February’s Black Panther.  This weekend we get five wide release challengers.  The most likely contender is the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s monster masher, Pacific Rim Uprising, featuring Star Wars‘ John Boyega.  There’s also a chance that Paul, Apostle of Christ could have a strong weekend:  last week’s faith-based drama I Can Only Imagine had a fantastic debut, and the biblical drama features Jim Cavaziel who starred as Jesus in the blockbuster Passion of the Christ.  While it won’t make nearly as big a splash in just 23 theaters, Wes Anderson’s quirky new animated film, Isle of Dogs is making a limited release this weekend as well.

On the home market we’ve got eight new films, including I Kill Giants, an odd coming of age story about a young girl who spends most of her free time in a fantasy world exterminating giants.  Our editors have been itching to review this one, so we hope to bring you that in the coming days.

Wide Release.

Pacific Rim Uprising.

A decade after humanity thought they had triumphed over the monstrous Kaiju, Jake Pentecost is running away from the shadow of his famous war-hero father.  When the Kaiju suddenly appear again in greater numbers than ever before, Jake must answer the call and help a new generation of Jaegar pilots to crush the threat to humankind.

Midnight Sun.

A young woman who is afflicted with a disease preventing her from going out in the sun meets a young man who agrees to show her the world she’s been missing by night.

Paul, Apostle of Christ.

The apostle Luke heads into the city of Rome, risking his life to meet the imprisoned apostle, Paul.  Listening to Paul recount his life and his faith, Luke is inspired to write down the account which would go on to become the Acts of the Apostles.


Sawyer is a young woman who has had to uproot her life and flee to Philadelphia due to a relentless stalker.  Seeking counseling, she visits a behavioral center but winds up committed instead.  As she struggles to get free, she begins to see her stalker everywhere among the staff, causing her to question her own sanity.

Limited Release.

Isle of Dogs.

Amidst scarcity and overcrowding, the government of Megasaki City passes a law exiling all dogs to a dangerous and deserted trash dump on an isolated island. A young boy named Atari breaks the law to follow his dog Spot to trash Island, and must recruit the help of a pack of trash dogs to find his canine friend.

Video on Demand.

Blood and Glory.

Willem is a prisoner of war during the Anglo-Boer war in 1901. He is taken to a brutal concentration camp where his only release from the grief of losing his family is to organize a team that can beat the cruel warden at his own game – Rugby.

But Deliver Us from Evil.

According to Jewish mysticism, Lilith was Adam’s first wife before Eve, but was cast out when she wouldn’t submit to her husband. In modern times, she’s back, pissed off, and ready to take it out on Adam’s abundant offspring.

10 Billion – What’s on Your Plate?

Valentin Thurn is on a mission to discover the future of food as the global population is set to hit 10 billion people. This documentary sees him travel the globe in search of sources and methods that will put humanity on a path to sustainable food production.


On a parallel Earth, a young woman has visions of the planet after the end of days, fueled by her reading of the Book of Revelations and an imminent disaster threatening her world.

As Far as the Eye Can See.

Jack is a former piana prodigy whose life has come undone. He has fled to his old family farmland in Texas, but things continue to spiral out of control. His wife leaves him and a fit of rage causes him to injure his hand right before a big competition. To make matters worse, a local company is putting the squeeze on him to sell his land. His only allies are the elderly owner of a Mexican restaurant and a rebellious teenager who wants to work on the farm.


Leah attempts to deal with her grief over her recently departed father by dabbling in the occult. When her new interests cause friction with her mother, Leah goes too far and puts a curse on her. As she desperately attempts to undue her spell, an evil fiend named Pyewacket begins to stalk her family.

I Kill Giants.

Barbara is a young teenager who escapes from her troubled home and school life into a fantasy world where she must defend her home town from malevolent giants. A school counselor (Zoe Saldana) and a new friend help Barbara to face her problems.


A wealthy American couple try to impress their new neighbors after moving to Paris by having a lavish dinner party.  The only problem is that they’re short one guest, so they push their maid into attending while impersonating a noblewoman.  Things go awry when a rich bachelor becomes infatuated with her and whisks her away.


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