Coming Soon Trailers: Paddington 2, Proud Mary, The Commuter.

Movie Review: Paddington 2.
This week could use more family friendliness.

Coming Soon Trailers: Paddington 2, Proud Mary, The Commuter.

Three new films pull into the station alonside six new Video on Demand, with a ton of variety.

January has had just one new release so far, which is about to change rapidly.  Liam Neeson is back to rescue another kidnapped family member, Paddington Bear returns for a sequel, and Proud Mary looks to shoot her way to the top.  At home, romance and comedy are in style.  A stately piece about gardenning competes with two retired bachelors for your heart strings, while a couple of lunatics face off against a Bruce Willis led action thriller.  Time to get cracking.

Coming Soon Trailers: Paddington 2, Proud Mary, The Commuter.
I’m getting too old for this stuff.

Wide Release.

Paddington 2.

See It?:  Sure.

Wow, didn’t expect this to be as charming as it looks.  The humor is very very family friendly.  Wallace and Gromit level family friendly.  That being said, it looks cute, has likable characters, and a silly plot.  Take the family.

Proud Mary.

An assassin must reevaluate her profession after a botched job leads her to care for the young victim of one of her targets.

See It?:  Yes.

We’ broke down why this made our Ten Anticipated Movies of 2018.  Suffice to say it looks to be an ass-kicking good time with a memorable femme fatale.

The Commuter.

Somebody took Liam Neeson’s kid/wife.  He must kill those people.  I guess this time it takes place on a train.  What joy.

See It?:  No.

Aren’t we all tired of this yet?  The first Taken was a breath of fresh air, showing us that an older protagonist, especially one with certain skills, could carry a tightly-made action thriller.  That was 87 billion years ago.  Now the plot is so overused that not even The Family Guy would stoop to using it more than a dozen times a season.  If you’re hot to trot to see Neeson kick ass, go watch Rob Roy or Krull.

Video on Demand.

Almost Paris.

After the mortgage crisis leads to the foreclosure plague, a young banker has to go back home to face the music and learn to live with the personal and professional consequences of being part of the problem.  Just kidding, there’s no accountability for bankers.  This movie is probably about how he falls in love and gets to date the cute girl.

See It?: Nope.

I don’t really need a feel-good romantic comedy about Wall Street investors.  Yeah, fuck right off with that.

Crazy Famous.

Bob is suffering from a severe need to be famous, so much so that it gets him committed.  One day he comes across another patient who claims that Osama Bin Laden is still alive…and he knows how to find him.  Figuring that hunting down Bin Laden will make him famous and convince others he’s not nuts, he breaks out of the asylum.

See It?:  Sure.

Funny premise mixed with some fun performances.  Loony bin comedies are probably out of fashion, but this one seems to have a decent amount of yuks.

Dare To Be Wild.

A story about Mary Reynolds, a young woman who loved nature and wanted to compete in the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, only to discover the exclusive and artificial garden building competition ran counter to her free-living dreams.

See It?:  Maybe.

Do you like flowers?  Like, a lot?  If so, enjoy!  If not, I think this rather obvious feel-good story is going to wilt you in your seat.

Saturday Church.

A young man who is struggling with his identity must suddenly become the central figure in his conservative family after the death of his family.  When he discovers “Saturday Church” a program from LGBTQ youth, he finds a home…one that he struggles to keep secret from his family.

See It?:  Yes.

A strong story with earnest performances that blends its musical elements in an interesting manner.  I guess I’m just a sucker for musicals lately.

Acts of Violence.

Three brothers, all former soldiers, return home their sleepy town only to find a deep corruption festering there.  When their sister is taken by a human trafficking ring, they decide to use their experience to fight back.

See It?:  Nope.

The story is OK, and there are a few actors here who can find the right end of a camera, but everything feels very much like a made for late-night television snoozer.  The action is flat, the dialogue over-heated, and the characters aren’t very compelling.

Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game.

Two men in a retirement home form and unlikely friendship…and share an unlikely bond: they both may have fathered a daughter they knew nothing about when they were younger.  That young woman is now a nurse in the facility they live in, so they try to decide which of them could actually be her estranged parent.

See It?:  Maybe.

I have a soft spot for films about older characters, Liam Neeson revenge flicks withstanding.  I also think Martin Landau was a fine actor, and am sad he passed away.  So, I know I want to see it.  There’s a bit of Hallmark Card gauziness to this film, but also some charm between the upright character Landau plays and the old scoundrel Paul Sorvino plays.  This could be decent.




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