Coming Soon Trailers: Playmobil the Movie.

Coming Soon Trailers: Playmobil the Movie.

Time to get your nostalgia for retro toys on, as Playmobil is the only game in town this weekend.

This week definitely feels like a head-scratcher. Headed into the usually packed holiday season, we get one new wide release. And that wide release is Playmobil, an animated “not quite The Lego Movie” flick based on a line of toys, that had a rocky road from production to the theaters. Not exactly the type of film you’d think other studios would avoid going head-to-head against.

Coming Soon Trailers: Playmobil the Movie.
Not the kind of movie I’m running out to see.

On the home market we have a much different tale. Fourteen new streaming titles land this week, asking for your streaming dollar.

Wide Release.

Playmobil: The Movie.

Trying to keep her toy-obsessed brother out of trouble, a young woman (Anya Taylor-Joy) gets sucked into the playset world of Playmobil. She’ll have to rely on the help of a sauve spy (Daniel Radcliffe) in order to find her brother and get back to the real world.

Video on Demand.

American Hunt.

A group of friends must survive two psychotic hunters looking to hunt the most dangerous game.

Red Handed.

Three brothers head to a secluded river in Oregon to spread their father’s ashes, but tragedy strikes when one of their children goes missing. On brother survived a similar experience in the very same location as a kid, and he must explore those painful memories to help find the missing child.


When Edie’s domineering husband dies, she decides to enjoy her golden years undertaking an adventure instead of going to a retirement home like her daughter wants.

Tower of Silence.

A sorceress is captured, leaving her young followers to stage a daring rescue from an impregnable fortress.

To Kid or Not to Kid.

A filmmaker explores her decision not to have children, capturing the discussions with her family and friends on film.

The Tokoloshe.

A destitute young woman takes a job in a brutal hospital in Johannesburg. She discovers an abandoned young girl there, who claims to be haunted by a supernatural being.

Blood Rags.

Two friends break into an old mansion, only to realize that they are now trapped…and being hunted by a horrific creature.

The Boy, the Dog and The Clown.

Dealing with the loss of his father, a young boy strikes up a friendship with a sad clown. When the boy’s dog runs away, the two set out to bring it home.

This Is Our Home.

A couple dealing with relationship issues are surprised one night to find a boy on their doorstep who claims to be their son.

Daniel Isn’t Real.

A college freshman wrestling with a family trauma resurrects his childhood imaginary friend, Daniel. While the bolder, imaginary Daniel initially helps him cope, the relationship quickly becomes dangerous.

Little Joe.

A single mother working on genetically engineered plants creates a special plant that can bring happiness to those who care for it. She smuggles it home for her son, but begins to notice that its effects are not all benign.

I See You.

A woman struggling to stay in her marriage after her husbands affair begins to notice dark presence in her home, one that may involve the disappearance of a little boy.

A New Christmas.

Kabir’s love for the holidays is crushed when his mother passes away at Christmas. Spirally out of control, he meets Kionni, a new arrival to the city from Africa. Showing her around, he begins to remember the joy the holidays used to bring him.

Beyond the Law.

A retired detective heads back to the streets he left behind when his estranged son is murdered.

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