Coming Soon Trailers: Power Rangers, CHiPS, Life.

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Coming Soon Trailers: Power Rangers, CHiPS, Life.

Our Takes on last week’s Theatrical Releases, VOD’s and rental fare!

(Fill-In Editor’s note: circumstances beyond our control delayed our content last week, but we still wanted to share our initial reactions to last weeks offerings, and will be back with all the timely dish on upcoming movies soon!)

Last week’s raft of new entries seem intent on making your forget all of the pomp and circumspect of the Oscars by scratching all of your silly movie itches.  Our first film, Power Rangers, is set to be a big budget cheese sandwich…and I am totally ready to go see it.  Comedy adaptations of old television dramas have been very popular (think 21 Jump Street or Starsky and Hutch) and CHiPS…looks to be cashing in on the trend.  Finally, we have Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gylenhaal headed to space to get devoured by primordial microbial lifeforms.  Good times!

On the home market, movie studios must think this weekend has four days in it because we’re drowning in content.  The usual horror and documentary flicks make the rounds, but we also have some sci-fi, a thriller, and an end of the world allegory.  All in all, this looks to be a busy weekend for people trying to clear out their To See list.

Wide Release

Power Rangers.

Five troubled teens (with attitude!) discover immense power from an alien vessel, but also learn that another extraterrestrial threat is headed to Earth to wipe out the planet.  I guess it’s Morphin time!

See It?:  Yes.

I wouldn’t say to go into this one with high expectations, but I don’t think it looks terribad either.  From what they’ve shown so far, it is a slightly more adult take on the cheesy romp that the show was, and Elizabeth Banks as the big bad just keeps looking better and scarier.  It is what it is, and I think it is going to be fun…unless it turns out to be another Max Steel debacle where all the good stuff was in the trailer.


Two carefree losers on the California highway patrol cause nearly as much trouble as they solve.

See It?:  Yes.

I usually have antipathy for these ironic comedy adaptations of old classic shows, but this one seems to not take itself too seriously while still honoring the silly machismo of the original.  The chemistry from the leads is also refreshing, as neither seems to be mugging or winking at the camera.  Give it a roll.


The crew of a space station on a scientific mission discover life in a sample of space rocks, and that life seems set on surviving at any costs – even if it needs to destroy all the astronauts to do so.

See It?:  Rent it.

If you need big space spectacle, this could be worth a trip to the theater, but I saw just a few too many moments that were blatantly lifted from other films in the genre.  From Alien to Gravity, this film is just a little too familiar.  Doesn’t look bad, but I think rental is the safer option here.

Slamma Jamma.

After a basketball phenom winds up in jail on dubious charges, he gets out thinking that his chance has passed him by.  An upcoming slam dunk contest helps rekindle his dreams, but he’ll have to get in shape, survive his hostile neighborhood, and maybe find a little faith to win.

See It?:  Rent it.

The sports elements in this film are nice, mostly because this type of film went out of style in the 90’s.  Being a faith based film, you can expect some clunky dialogue and stock characters, all of which is on display in the trailer.  That said, it doesn’t look bad.  If the big street ball movies of the 90’s were your jam, this might scratch your itch (if you don’t mind some Jesus with your Gatorade.)

Limited Release


A life long loser discovers that his estranged ex-wife kept their daughter a secret from him.  He goes on a journey to find his now teenage progeny, making friends and enemies along the way.  Mostly enemies, cause he’s kind of a dick.

See It?:  Rent it.

The comedy is hit and miss here, which shouldn’t surprise with Woody Harrelson turning up his weird factor to 11.  There’s some charm, plenty of misanthropy, and yes, some laughs.  Give it a rental when it comes around.

Video on Demand.


No, not that one. A young woman seeks to emerge beneath the stifling shadow of her abusive lover, exploring her power and sexuality in the process.

See It?: On Sale.

The visuals look interesting, and the themes are deep, but something about the trailer just left me hanging.


A member of the fellowship of the ring (Dominic Monaghan) gets a little creepy when the dystopian nuclear reactor service lady arrives. Throw in Tom Sizemore, shake well and use about every science fiction trope SyFy could afford.

See it?: Skip It.

This movie looks like a mish-mash of just about every already done to death science fiction theme out there. SyFy has had much better offering as of late, but this looks like a solid swing and a miss, and has a very sexist vibe, a la Passengers or Z for Zachariah.


A young couple wake up to find that everyone in their Icelandic tourist destination has disappeared. Sexy hijinks, shopping Mall hijinks and slow, paranoid delusional hijinks ensue.

See it?: Skip It.

When you are using a mass disappearance to tell a tale of interpersonal connections fraying you need your trailer to bring it’s A game. This one just kinda shows you all the same stuff you’ve seen already in a last man on earth movie, except for how pretty Iceland is. Rent Planet Earth instead.

Dig Two Graves.

In a small 1970’s town, a young girl is tempted to make a deal with some shady grifters to get her older brother back from the dead. But at what price?

See it?: Yes

Maybe the first IT trailer put me in the mood, but an atmospheric tale of dark powers conspiring against a sleepy town has me pumped. Also, Ted Levine (Monk) looks all kinds of awesome as the tough as nails sheriff.

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