Coming Soon Trailers: Ready or Not, Angel Has Fallen.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready or Not, Angel Has Fallen

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready or Not, Angel Has Fallen.

Three new releases hit theaters while nine new streaming offerings head home.

Oh my.  Despite the spectacular tire fire that sequels have been all summer, we’re getting another one?  Gerard Butler gears up for the third movie in the “Something has Fallen” franchise.  Sounds to me like those life alert bracelet commercials, but with more explosions.  We get an early bloomer this week, as dark comedy/thriller Ready or Not hits theaters on Tuesday.  Rounding out our new wide releases, we have Overcomer, a Christian sports drama.  Overcomer, Angel Has Fallen?  This week’s theme must be lousy titles.

At home, we’re loaded up with new titles.  The VOD market has got everything from heist flicks to political satire on offer.  There’s even Terminator 2’s Robert Patrick in a gonzo slasher flick.  You can’t beat that with a hammer.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready or Not, Angel Has Fallen
Better call Sarah Connor.

Wide Release.

Ready or Not [Tuesday].

A new bride (Samara Weaving) finds out that marrying into old money is dangerous.  Turns out her in-laws idea of a welcoming party is a game of survival where they hunt the newcomer.

Angel Has Fallen.

After saving the president’s life twice, agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is framed for the attempted murder of the current president.  Now he has to fight to clear his name, stay alive, and discover the real threat targeting the US government.


A high school basketball coach is forced to coach the cross country team due to budget cuts.  Despite his disdain for the sport, he finds inspiration in Hannah Scott, a young athlete whose drive and talent could take her to the next level.

Video on Demand.

One Last Night.

A couple on their first date wind up so engaged in their conversation that they get locked inside the multiplex.  As the night goes on, the young woman begins to suspect that this was not an accident.


A young man is São Paulo must survive on his own when his mother passes away.  Emotionally isolated because of his sexuality, he struggles to make sense of his new situation.


A team of specialist investigate a grizzly murder where the suspect may be the legendary Big Foot, only to find ever more horrifying secrets.

The Assault.

Lindsay and Nikki go on a spree of armed robberies, targeting the businesses of Lindsay’s abusive husband.  When one of the jobs goes sideways, they find themselves on the run.


A young woman moves to the beach house her boyfriend recently inherited.  Returning to his old digs, she discovers she may not know the man as well as she thought.


A down and out reporter tries to create a human interest piece about a young girl he meets who lives in her hatchback car, to disastrous results.

Hot Air.

A fiery conservative radio personality (Steve Coogan) comes to a crisis in his life as younger celebrities start to edge him out and the emotional gulf between him and his family threatens to pull everything apart.


Jealous of her coworker, Melinda befriends a troubled young man who is trying to rob their store, hoping to use him against her rival.

Tone Deaf.

Olive, newly fired and single, heads out of the city to get her head clear.  Unfortunately, she rents a house from Harvey (Robert Patrick) a desperate older man who sees the world seemingly crumbling around him and has decided to take everyone else down with him.



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