Coming Soon Trailers: Ready Player One, Acrimony, Baaghi 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready Player One, Acrimony, Baaghi 2.
From the director of Schindler's List comes "Ready Pop Culture Wanking."

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready Player One, Acrimony, Baaghi 2.

While Steven Spielberg is hoping to hit it big with his pop culture epic Ready Player One, it’s an action flick out of India that has me seeing stars.

Coming Soon Trailers: Ready Player One, Acrimony, Baaghi 2.
From the director of Schindler’s List comes “Ready Pop Culture Wanking.”

Ready Player One is the big movie out this week…and I couldn’t care less.  Despite having Steven Spielberg at the helm, this film feels less like an event and more of a greatest hits tour for the director.  The best selling book is seven years old, and I didn’t much care for it when it was all the rage.  A dystopian look at VR and video games, it already feels quaint as the premise has been done to death in science fiction.  As for our other wide releases, God’s Not Dead is apparently still arguing its case (namely special pleading for supposedly oppressed Christians in America), and Tyler Perry is slapping his name on another movie.  At least its not another tired Madea film.

The real voltage this week is coming from India, with the limited US release of Baaghi 2.  I hadn’t heard of this franchise, but this film looks like every crazy action film from the 1980’s dialed up to maximum.  The stunts work nearly killed the star, and you can certainly see why in the trailer.  The melodrama, the cornball romance, the insane action sequences and the badass lead have me psyched for this film.

Baaghi 2 Trailer
My mind may not be ready but my eyes are willing.

Wide Release.

Ready Player One.

The eccentric creator of OASIS, a virtual reality program that has become an indispensable refuge for people in a resource depleted society, has left control of his fortune and virtual playland to whoever can solve a series of challenges inside OASIS.

God’s Not Dead:  A Light in the Darkness.

When St. James Church is gutted by fire, the university upon which it rests uses the tragedy as a means to evict the congregation.  The legal battle that ensues reunites two brothers on opposing sides of the faith divide.

Tyler Perry’s Acrimony.

After one affair too many, a faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson) decides to get her revenge on her cheating beau and the women he frequents.

Limited Release.

Baaghi 2.

An army officer is approached by a former lover in a desperate situation.  Her child has been kidnapped, and is being held in a lawless region inhabited by international mercenaries, drug cartels, and dangerous wild-life.  Our hero is going to have to punch, kick, and shoot his way to victory…and love.

Video on Demand.

Against the Night.

A group of friends sneak into an abandoned prison, hoping to capture video of the many spirits said to haunt the premise.  When one of them goes missing, the group begins to tear itself apart over who is at fault and whether or not the place may be really haunted.

Moving Parts.

Two detectives investigating the mob are initially puzzled by the involvement of two seemingly innocent couples.  As the story unfolds, nobody is who they seem to be and the lines between guilt and innocence are blurred.


On Halloween, a group of young women out for a night of spooky fun get more than they bargained for when a psychotic clown begins following them.

After Louie.

After having lost the love of his life to AIDS, Sam is hesitant to begin dating again.  His stance is changed when he meets Braeden, an alluring but much younger man.  The sparks fly and Sam starts to reawaken his artistic career as well as his love life.


Two journalists are digging into strange events surrounding their peaceful home that appears to involve the military.  To get more info, they invite two strangers into their home…which you can probably guess was a bad idea.

Love After Love.

Suzanne and Glenn are the pillars of their family, enjoying a marriage rich in culture and happiness.  That all changes when Glenn is diagnosed with cancer and quickly passes away.  Now Suzanne, her two adult sons, and their partners are thrown into chaos as they look to redefine their life after the sudden loss.

A Suitable Girl.

A documentary about three young women in India from prosperous families who are caught in a culture clash.  With education and access to a better life, the women dream of starting their own careers but are constrained by traditional cultural expectations about marriage and a woman’s role in the family.

All I Wish.

A romantic comedy about a woman (Sharon Stone) trying to break into the world of fashion design while also looking for love.

The China Hustle.

A documentary looking to blow the lid on investors engaged in shady ventures in Chinese markets that the film contends is fraud on the scale of the 2008 sub-prime market debacle.

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