Coming Soon Trailers: Red Sparrow, Death Wish.

Coming Soon Trailers: Red Sparrow, Death Wish.

Coming Soon Trailers: Red Sparrow, Death Wish.

While the two wide releases aren’t pressing my buttons, the VOD market has several excellent films out this week.

The big movies out this week feature slick action and big stars in Jennifer Lawrence and Bruce Willis, but they’re just not moving my needle.  If you find yourself looking for something more than an adrenaline fix at the cinema this weekend, head on over to the VOD market, where a wide variety of projects are premiering that should catch your interest.  From documentaries to horror and crime dramas, there’s something for everyone on the home front.

Coming Soon Trailers: Red Sparrow, Death Wish.
Just not feeling it.

Wide Release.

Red Sparrow.

After her career is in ballet is ended by injury, Dominika faces mounting bills for her ailing mother.  She is approached by a clandestine Russian organization that will pay her debts if she becomes a Sparrow: a covert operative trained in manipulation and murder.  When she targets a potential double agent on assignment, her loyalty to the program is called into question and her life is put in jeopardy.

See It?:  Rent it.

This is a great story…when Marvel wrote it for Black Widow.  It’s hard to guess the quality of the movie since the trailer is convinced that J. Lawrence is so sexy that all we need is close ups of her.  As such, the action and the espionage on display aren’t terribly exciting.  I’ve also yet to see her star in anything that wasn’t superficial or downright bad.

Death Wish (2018).

A family man in Chicago decides to take the law into his own hands when a group of criminals attack his family.  As “The Vigilante” he goes around cleaning up the street with extreme methods, all the while looking for clues as to who killed his wife.

See It?:  Catch a matinee.

I’m not a huge fan of the original Death Wish, but I did like how Charles Bronson played a conflicted man who has a psychotic change of heart about his moral code.  This new version feels like Die Hard meets The Punisher.  It should be fun for a mindless action-soaked ride, but I don’t think either adaptations get at the complexity of the novel they’re based on.

Video on Demand.

Cruel Summer.

A web of lies leads several teens to target a young autistic man.  Rumors about the young man cause the teens to want to take revenge, but as they get deeper into their plan to attack him while on a camping trip, they start to question how much of their motivation is based on false pretexts.

See It?:  Wait for a price drop.

This psychological thriller has some nice angles and interesting questions, but some of the performances are less than impressive.  If this winds up on streaming, I think it’s solid enough for a viewing.


A young detective and and old criminal profiler must team up to catch a serial killer who is playing a twisted game with the police.  It seems as if the killer’s ties to the profiler are more than just professional curiosity.

See It?:  Yes.

While Al Pacino seems like a shell of his former self, he’s giving a more nuanced dramatic performance than we’ve seen from him in decades.  Karl Urban looks fantastic, and the whole drama is reminiscent of some of the better psychological serial killer films of the early decade like Se7en.

Actors of Sound.

A documentary about foley artists, the men and women who create the sounds we hear in our favorite movies.

See It?:  Yes.

This is fascinating behind the scenes documentary about the way the movies we experience come to life, and the artistry of people in the industry who rarely get the limelight.  As a film lover, of course I want to see this!

5 Doctors.

A struggling actor and comedian heads back to his home town, convinced he is suffering for a multitude of maladies.  His hypochondria is masking a deeper problem, which becomes apparent as he is shuttled around by his old childhood friend, a teacher who is suffering career problems of his own.

See It?:  Yes.

This comedy looks to have lots of odd characters and a firm handle on absurd conversational humor.  I like the leads and the supporting cast is solid as well.

The Lullaby.

A runaway girl reluctantly returns home to give birth to a baby she may not want.  As the stress of her situation couples with a dysfunctional home life and lack of sleep, she starts to feel that malevolent forces surround her and are looking to harm her child.

See It?:  Yes.

A postpartum horror film with some excellent visuals.  I’m hoping the film carries the ambiguity of “all in her head or all too real?” throughout the drama.


A couple returning from a New Year’s Eve party strike and kill a man with their car.  In a panic, they take the body home, only to discover that the man had their address in his pocket.  When a creepy detective comes to investigate, the couple begins to disintegrate into violent fits of paranoia and mistrust.

See It?:  Yes.

I like thrillers that drop characters into no-win situations and lets the audience watch in excruciating detail how life can go from rosy to horrific in moments.  Except for the detective, the characters feel realistic, making their chaotic choices resonate.


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