Coming Soon Trailers: Replicas, The Upside.

Coming Soon Trailers: Replicas, The Upside.

Coming Soon Trailers: Replicas, The Upside.

Keanu clones his family and Kevin Hart rehabilitates Bryan Cranston in this week’s wide releases.

Coming Soon Trailers: Replicas, The Upside.
“I’m sorry.” Is that so hard?

We get down to business quickly in the new year, as our first Most Anticipated Film of 2019 arrives in theaters.  I’m a sucker for a Keanu Reeves project, and it’s hard to bet against him when it comes to science fiction.  For those not looking for the finest cheekbones in cinema, we also get a family friendly dog film and an “odd couple” drama starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart.  I’m sure the distributor for this film was wishing Hart was in the news for other reasons so close to this movie coming out.  Them’s the breaks!

On the home market, the ice is starting to thaw.  We have four offerings, from a Netflix comedy to a coming of age revenge drama.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release.

A Dog’s Way Home.

A dog becomes separated from her owner and makes a 400 mile journey to be reunited.


A brilliant neuroscientist (Keanu Reeves) is on the cusp of using digital reconstructions of the human brain to cure alzheimers.  When his family is taken away from him by a car accident, he turns his research towards a darker use, recreating his lost loves.

The Upside.

Philip (Bryan Cranston) is a wealthy quadriplegic man who hires an man on parole (Kevin Hart) to help him with his day to day affairs.  The two unlikely companions develop a friendship where each helps the other to get their life back on track.

Limited Release.

Perfect Strangers.

Seven friends play a party game at a dinner party where every message and call they make must be out loud and in front of the group.  The trust building exercise turns harrowing as secrets come out.

Video on Demand.


When the gene for human violence is discovered and the population is compelled to be tested for it, a young woman is revealed to possess a special bloodline that makes her the center of a biblical prophecy.

Sex Education  (Netflix)

The son of a sex therapist decides to set up a clinic at his high school to help counsel his sexually obtuse friends.


Three college freshman unable to fit in are invited to pledge an elite and fashionable fraternity.  What seems like a dream come true turns into a nightmare as they learn the inner secrets of their new group.


John and Anthony are two young boys living in fear of their abusive father.  One summer they meet a group of friends who help them to cope, setting them on the path to finally getting away from their trauma and getting back at their father.

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