Coming Soon Trailers: Resident Evil The Final Chapter, A Dog’s Purpose.

Coming Soon Trailers: Resident Evil The Final Chapter, A Dog's Purpose.

Coming Soon Trailers: Resident Evil The Final Chapter, A Dog’s Purpose.

This week one of our most AND least anticipated movies arrive at the theater.

Coming Soon Trailers: Resident Evil The Final Chapter, A Dog's Purpose.
Huh. Who would have though that it is the OTHER movie in trouble for mistreating dogs?

Can Resident Evil’s nominally final chapter revive the box office or is January truly a “dump month” where studios unload all of their questionable dreck upon audiences?  In the obviously dreck category, we get A Dog’s Purpose, a sappy hallmark card of a movie about a dog who encounters several troubled owners through his lifetimes (yes, it’s a reincarnation for dogs movie.)  As a bonus, the film got into hot water for animal abuse and is the subject of a boycott.  Finally, we have Gold, a “based on a true story” drama featuring Matthew McConaughey as a gold prospector who finds paydirt in Indonesia, only to have the government and other shady characters snatch it away from him.  The film went into limited release last year, probably prospecting for Oscar gold, but failed to catch a nomination.

Wide Release.


Kenny Wells is a mineral prospector.  And a loser.  His one last stab at success before bankruptcy has him searching for a gold mine in Indonesia.  When he finds it, he becomes instantly wealthy, and welcomed into the halls of high finance.  When his claim is challenged by the military government in Indonesia and a bevy of ruthless financial raiders, he learns he doesn’t have many friends.


See It?:  Rent it.

This one was way under the radar, and did poorly at the film festivals, but it seems like a decent enough flick for fans of The Big Short and other financial boondoggle films.

A Dog’s Purpose.

A dog lives many lives with many owners, attempting to discover his reason for living.


See It?:  Nope.

This one rated pretty high on my least anticipated list…and I didn’t even know about the animal abuse stuff.  This is sentimental twaddle, through and through.  Chicken Alpo for the Canine Soul.  Denis Quaid looks like he just woke up in a dumpster in the trailer, and I hope he was black out drunk when he agreed to this stupid movie.

Resident Evil:  The Final Chapter.

The six movie saga of Alice’s battle against the evil Umbrella Corporation and their plans to destroy the world with zombies comes to a conclusion.  Alice loses all of her former allies in a deadly trap in Washington D.C., but learns that as the end of the human race approaches, an old adversary is willing to give her the key to avoiding the apocalypse.  All she needs to do is break back into the high security facility in Raccoon City where the zombie virus was born.


See It?:  Yes?

Well, I put it on my most anticipated list, so I guess I’m at least obligated to see it.  I would hazard a guess that this latest (and last?) outing in the Resident Evil franchise is going to be for fans of the series, and probably do little for anyone who hasn’t already jumped on board by now.

Video On Demand.

The Sunshine Makers.

A documentary about the creators of the popular LSD variant, Sunshine, and their quest to spread enlightenment through being completely wasted.


See It?:  Haven’t We Already?

I think the boat for exploring the psychedelic movement of the 1960’s has sailed.  Does anybody really give a shit about it anymore?  “The bums lost, Lebowski, the bums LOST.”

I Am Michael.

Based on the true story of Michael Glatze, who was a gay man and gay rights activist until a personal health crisis led to him joining the Christian Right and identifying as heterosexual.


See It?:  Maybe.

This is a hard one to peg, since any slant from the director/producer could turn this from biopic to propaganda on either side of the issues.  That being said, the trailer looks well done and pretty restrained.  It features some interesting casting, such as Zachary Quinto, and while I’m not a fan of James Franco, he looks to turn in a nuanced performance here as well.

Lost in Florence.

A man who has recently had his hopes of playing professional sports in the US dashed finds himself drawn into the violent and exciting world of Calcio Fiorentino, a dangerous Italian traditional sport played in Florence.


See It?:  Rent it.

At the very least, this looks to be really interested in talking about a niche historical sport that is played on the margins of Italian culture.  The love triangle is a bit generic, but all things considered this looks OK.

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