Coming Soon Trailers: Ride Along 2, Norm of the North, Hell and Back

Coming Soon Trailers

rideIn this week’s trailers Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back in the saddle, hoping that another strong early year team-up can unseat The Revenant at second place…and perhaps even knock The Force Awakens off of the top spot.  In 2014 the original Ride Along made a strong 42 million, which may be just enough to hit the top spot this weekend.  We’ve also got some dripping red meat for the red states in 13 Hours, a film “inspired by true events” (code: this is totally a serious film guys, not some grade A pandering!) that covers the terrorist attack on Benghazi, Libya.  For VOD, we have a couple of films sneaking into the home box office, including a potentially interesting stop-motion film about three friends trying to save a buddy they accidentally sent to Hell.  We’ve all been there, right?

Wide Releases

Ride Along 2

Ben (Kevin Hart) and James (Ice Cube) head to Miami on the eve of Ben’s wedding, but instead of taking in the sights and sounds, they end up trying to take in a drug smuggling cartel.

When to See It:

Rent it.  While Cube and Hart have a great rapport, nothing about this comedy really screams “must see on the big screen.”  There’s more visually intense movies out that are begging for your theater dollars.

Norm of the North

A displaced polar bear ends up in New York, working as a mascot for one of the companies responsible for the loss of his natural habitat.

When to See It:

Let me check: Rob Schneider is the lead voice?  Never.  Go rewatch Happy Feet, or Madagascar, or literally any other “animated animals out of their element” movie.

13 Hours:  The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

When terrorist strike the US embassy in Libya, six security contractors with military experience decide to disobey orders and attempt to rescue the people trapped inside the consulate.

When to See It:

Let me check:  Michael Bay is in charge of this obvious dog-whistle?  Never.  Go rewatch Black Hawk Down, or Lone Survivor, or literally any other “modern military shooter ripped from the headlines” movie.

Video On Demand

Hell and Back



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