Coming Soon Trailers: Rings, The Space Between Us.

Coming Soon Trailers: Rings, The Space Between Us.

Coming Soon Trailers: Rings, The Space Between Us.

A pair of wide release films join two VOD selections hoping to get noticed during Oscar season.

Coming Soon Trailers: Rings, The Space Between Us.
This week: creepy ghost girl twister!

This season is a terror for new releases, which must be why half of the new films this week are horror films.  Between all of the Oscar nominated films re-expanding and a generally weak box office after New Years, this is a tough month to make a living for new movies.  M. Night Shymalan’s Split showed that you can still find success in the winter doldrums with a well crafted horror flick.  Can any of these competitors rise to the challenge?

Wide Releases.


A woman discovers that her boyfriend is part of a thrill seeking group that watch the cursed Ring video.  She watches it, putting herself in danger to save him when his time is up…but she discovers that there is a part of the video nobody has noticed before.


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Two years ago, this was on my “most anticipated list,” in hopes that the third film could get back to the shocking originality of the first film after a horrible sequel.  A couple of disappointing trailers and a major release delay have taken this movie off that list.  I still hope it’s good, but I’m not getting much faith in the project from the studio, and that is a bad sign.

The Space Between Us.

A female colonist on Mars gives birth to the first Earthling born on the red planet before dying.  The boy grows up on a strange planet with a very small community, and develops questions about his parents (including his unknown father) and their home planet.  When he makes a pen pal with an Earth girl, he decides to return to the blue planet, only to learn he cannot survive there.  His life in danger, he tries desperately to discover his origins before time runs out.


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I want to be excited for this film.  I like the timely speculative Sci Fi elements about Mars colonization (and don’t think I didn’t notice the “send him home!” riff!) but I’m not really into the fairly standard star-crossed teen lovers aspect.  It has potential, though.  Wait for reviews to see which way the wind blows on this one.

Video On Demand.


Two freshman boys from small towns meet and fall in love in the more accepting atmosphere of their university.  When they take their new relationship home, they have to confront small town biases and a few family secrets that threaten to tear them apart.


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Looks well done and well acted, and covers a same sex narrative that, gladly, films are becoming more adept at handling.


A young man is set to inherit a fortune when his father dies, but cannot collect unless he can prove that his father’s sister is actually deceased.  The problem is that she supposedly perished in an insane asylum that subsequently burned down.  The  man and his friends decide to break into the ruins and try to find her death certificate, but instead find the ghosts of all the inmates who were tortured by a sadistic head doctor.


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Looks to be fairly standard haunted house fair, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The visuals seem up to snuff, and cast seems able, and I’m interested in how well Robert Patrick does returning to a villainous role.


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