Coming Soon Trailers: Rogue One, Collateral Beauty.

Coming Soon Trailers: Rogue One, Collateral Beauty.

Disney hopes to finish their big year strong with Rogue One, while others tag along for Oscar considerations.

Coming Soon Trailers: Rogue One, Collateral Beauty.
Well. Good luck.

With two weeks left in the year, Disney is looking to walk off with a grand slam.  They’ve already crushed the single year earnings record with Moana (which Universal broke just the year before) and they’ve got their clean-up hitter in, Star Wars, ready to make bank through the lucrative holiday season.  Will Smith is hoping to angle his way into a second place finish with his latest soul searching drama, Collateral Beauty, and one of the films favored to get a best picture nod, Manchester by the Sea, is going into wide release.

On the home front, we’ve got another busy week.  Apparently the looming threat of the Mouse Empire is not enough to scare these scrappy rebels away from flooding the market with seven new films.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release

Rogue One

Taking place before Star Wars:  A New Hope, Rogue One tells the story of a group of misfits tasked by the desperate rebellion to steal the schematics to a new weapon being constructed by the evil Galactic Empire:  the Death Star.

See It?:  Yes.

While I was ho-hum about The Force Awakens (great characters, lazy plot) I am very interested in this side story.  In fact, with all of the Young Han Solo, Young Yoda, and Young Bobba Fett planned, it’s the only Star Wars side story I currently give a damn about.  It has a stellar cast and a weighty story, and while it will invariably try to twiddle the nostalgia meter, it should do a decent job of standing on its own, despite early jitters.

Collateral Beauty

A man rocked by personal loss (Will Smith) and teetering on the edge of self destruction pens three desperate letters to the concepts of Time, Loss, and Death.  What he gets is meetings with mysterious strangers who may be the physical manifestations of them, each who help him to see his situation in a new light.

See It?:  Rent it.

It’s a strong cast, and Will Smith can usually pull off these heart-string grabbing dramas without being too melodramatic.  Will it change your life?  If a movie with Will Smith was going to change your life, I would advise you to save your money.


Manchester by the Sea

A young man (Casey Affleck) who tried to cut all ties with his past and his hometown must return to become the legal guardian of his young nephew after his brother dies.  Now he has to go home and face all of the old ghosts that he fled, all while trying to do right by his headstrong ward.

See It?:  Wait for Oscar season.

This one is going to stick around, as it will inevitably get at least a nod for Casey Affleck, if not best picture.  You’ve got plenty of time to catch this one on a matinee after the holiday season.

Limited Release


A killer with preternatural abilities (Colin Farrell) and no remorse forces the FBI to turn to a retired doctor who may have psychic intuitions (Anthony Hopkins.)  While reluctant to come out of retirement after the loss of his family, the doctor soon has horrific visions that compel him to take the case.

See It?:  Yes.

I’ve been waiting for this one all year.  Any intense character study featuring Hopkins, especially one with a crime drama element, has my interest, and Colin Farrell makes a good bad guy.  I’m down.

Video On Demand

Girls Lost

Three girls are the targets of bullying in school because of their perceived gender-nonconformity.  One day they get a package with a plant inside that allows them to change their gender.  Now as boys, they find a world of privilege and acceptance, but they cannot agree on how to continue.  One feels it is a temporary escape, another sees it as a desperate lie, while another sees it as a chance to express the inner person she’s always felt herself to be.

See It?:  Yes.

This trailer has hooks.  It’s subtle, beautiful, and has really impressive performances by the young actresses and actors.  It’s a topic rarely touched upon, and rarely treated with such vigor and tenderness.  Must see.

Counter Clockwise

A scientist discovers his device allows him to time travel in small leaps of about six months, but the world he discovers on the other side of the jump is a nightmare where he’s wanted for murder, and his invention is wanted by all sorts of shady people.

See It?:  Yes.

This one was actually supposed to be out earlier this year, so I’ve covered it before.  Answer is still yes.


A woman dedicated to her job in the healthcare field is challenged to run a triathlon as a way to get outside of her comfort zone.  What is at first impossible becomes a personal challenge, but when her health becomes an issue, finishing becomes more than just a physical journey.

See It?:  Skip it.

There’s nothing glaringly wrong with this film, it just fails to be anything better than an inspirational poster set to music that is trying very hard to make every moment sentimental and momentous.

Stevie D

A pampered rich kid with a powerful lawyer for a father manages to be a complete asshole his whole life.  One day, this streak of bad behavior gets him in trouble with a connected family whose son he inadvertently kills.  Looking for a way out, he spots a bit actor in a commercial who is a dead ringer for himself, so he hires him to “act” in a movie about his life…while he flees the country ahead of the mob.  Unfortunately, the actor is a decent person and everybody starts to like him.

See It?:  Skip it.

Another film that is not awful, just nothing special.  Feels like a screenplay you’d read in college, filled with dreams of Vinny Jones running through it.

Kill Ratio

A government operative finds himself in a fledgling democracy on the eve of a military coup.  With his training and weaponry, he aims to save the President and her cabinet while shooting the heck out of some bad guys.

See It?:  Kill it with fire.

This trailer!  I shut it off half way through, and that was about 30 seconds more than it deserved.  It is every stale action trope rolled into one, and the special effects look like they were ripped from the cabinet of a 1990’s arcade game.  And not one of the good ones, either.

The Hollow Point

When a border town sheriff (Ian McShane) goes too far to stop the traffic of guns through his town headed to Mexico, he is sent a replacement…his estranged son (Patrick Wilson.)  While neither trusts each other, they are soon forced to work together when the cartels send in a deadly assassin (John Leguizamo) to get revenge.

See It?:  Yes?

Well, I loved Sicario, and this seems like a poor man’s version of that film.  I’m also intrigued to see if Leguizamo can pull off the silent, menacing killer role.  Color me curious.

A Kind of Murder

When a rich architect (Patrick Wilson) starts an affair, his wife quickly discovers and threatens to hang him out to dry.  She also quickly is discovered murdered, of apparent suicide, but no one in town is buying that the husband had nothing to do with it.

See It?:  Rent it.

Looks well made and well cast, but needs to work a little harder to set itself out from the pack when it comes to noir thrillers.  I do like the ambiguity maintained throughout the trailer, so here’s hoping this could be good.


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