Coming Soon Trailers: Schindler’s List, Green Book, Vox Lux.

Coming Soon Trailers: Schindler’s List, Green Book, Vox Lux.

There’s not much action at the theater this week as a prominent re-release and a couple limited releases represent the spread.

Coming Soon Trailers: Schindler's List, Green Book, Vox Lux.
No. We are not going to talk about this.

I’m searching the memory bank for the last week where nothing new released.  Turns out it was exactly one year ago.  Apparently the first week of December is rat poison at the box office…but you’d think somebody would be brave/stupid enough to step into the void!  So many PG action films and low-rent horror films were content to get shellacked by Marvel and Disney all year long, I would think they would have jumped at the chance to have a week all to themselves.  As it stands now, the closest to a wide release we get this week is Schindler’s List making a return to 1000 theaters.*

*Listen, Hollywood, I know you have absolutely nothing to offer during Hanukah.  There’s one Adam Sandler cartoon about the holiday and bubkes else.  But…Schindler’s List?  That’s like playing Passion of the Christ on Christmas morning.  Perhaps don’t bring up the most horrific moment in Jewish history during the holidays?*

Since the Golden Globes announced their best films nominees today, we’re seeing a lot of art house and indie films expanding to more screens.  The push to get noticed by the Oscars is about to pop off.  In order to get ahead of the glut, we picked about a half dozen of the hopefuls with more than a handful of locations under their belt.  That way you may actually get a chance to check them out before they bombard the cinemas in February.

Wide Release.

Schindler’s List (Re-release)


National Expansion.

Green Book.


Limited Release.

Mary Queen of Scots.


Swimming with Men.


Vox Lux.


Video on Demand.

Holly Star.


I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas.


Slay Belles.


The Cabin.




United We Fan.




A Moment in the Reeds.


Clara’s Ghost.




Bernie the Dolphin.


The Rainbow Experiment.




Newly Single.


The Marriage.




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