Coming Soon Trailers: Serenity, The Kid Who Would Be King.

Coming Soon Trailers: Serenity, The Kid Who Would Be King.

Coming Soon Trailers: Serenity, The Kid Who Would Be King.

Matthew McConaughey has a new thriller, plus we get another Least Anticipated King Arthur flick landing in theaters this week.

Coming Soon Trailers: Serenity, The Kid Who Would Be King.
Hard to bet against Stewart…but it is a King Arthur flick

This could be a very weird weekend.  As we’ve noted, repeatedly, King Arthur movies just don’t move the needle at the box office lately.  Perhaps there’s enough fans of magical boy movies to get The Kid Who Would Be King over the hump, but I don’t think even Sir Patrick Stewart is going to save this film.  Against this we get a new thriller with Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey that has really struggled to communicate with audiences.  I’ve seen all of the trailers for it, and I still don’t what the hell it is even about, which seems to be the consensus.

If that sounds questionable, the home market has several options available.  My featured pick this week is Polar, a stylish John Wick-esque action film featuring Mads Mikkelsen as an assassin drawn back into the world of violence he tried to retire from.  I know assassining is a precarious position, but you’d think by now people would know better than to try to un-retire one, especially if he’s a one man killing machine.  Just saying.  Polar is streaming on Netflix this Friday.

Wide Release.

The Kid Who Would Be King.

A young boy struggling with bullies discovers the ancient sword Excalibur.  Guided by a re-awoken Merlin (Patrick Stewart), young Alex must gather a group to become his Knights of the Round Table in order to save England.


A man with a shadowy past (Matthew McConaughey) works as a boat tour captain, happy to escape his past.  When his ex-wife (Anne Hathaway) arrives with a plea to help her murder her abusive new husband (Jason Clarke), the man must come to grips with his dark secrets.

Video on Demand.

Mobile Homes.

A single mother and her bohemian boyfriend drift from place to place, always one hustle and one motel room away from being homeless.  When they find a mobile home community, it seems to be their one last chance for stability.

West of Sunshine.

A man in debt to the wrong people has 24 hours to repay a loan shark.  His day is complicated by having to suddenly care for the son he never thought he’d see again.

Polar (Netflix)

Infamous hit man The Black Kaiser (Mads Mikkelsen) escapes his vicious legacy by retiring to a small snowbound town.  Despite putting down roots, his life is upended when his former employers decides his retirement is too much of a risk to their organization and sends a hit squad of ruthless young assassins after him.

Dead Ant.

An aging hair-metal band heads to Cochela in order to take one last stab at a comeback.  Once there, they head out to the desert to find inspiration for a hit song.  Instead, they find an army of deadly ants that grow to enormous sizes.

King of Thieves.

A team of aging criminals decides to pull off one last heist.  Instead of getting a final hurrah, they wind up fighting for their lives as greed leads to double crosses and revenge for past sins.  Based on a true story, starring Michael Caine.

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