Coming Soon Trailers: Sicario, Hotel Transylvania 2, The Intern

Coming Soon Trailers: Sicario, Hotel Transylvania 2, The Intern
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Coming Soon Trailers: Sicario, Hotel Transylvania 2, The Intern

There are three new movies hitting the big screen this week, but they may find its crowded at the top as Everest (covered last week) and Sicario (see below) expand to wide release.  Both films are generating massive buzz in advance of their country-wide debut.  On the smaller release scale, we’ve got a pair of documentaries; one is about horses, the other is about jack-asses.  Have fun!


A young but brilliant FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is roped into working with a clandestine government agency in order to bring down a top Mexican drug cartel.  The greatest danger may actually come from her own team, as her boss (Josh Brolin) conceals the true nature of her mission, and her handler (Benicio del Toro) seems just one step removed from the criminals they are hunting.


When to See It:  In Theaters.  Sicario looks amazing, with a great cast, a tight plot, beautiful cinematography and tons of tension.

Hotel Transylvania 2

After the first tour of the hotel, Dracula has decided to accept human lodgers as well as a plethora of ghouls.  The only problem is this infusion of new blood is apparently influencing his grandson, who cannot seem to embrace his inner vampire.  Gathering the crew from the first film, Dracula intends to make a monster of the kid, even if it un-kills him.


When to See It:  Rent it for the kids.  I would reject it out of hand because Adam Sandler is involved…but Mel Brooks is lending his voice to the picture too.  Despite the horror that Space Balls the Animated Series was, I’m happy to send Brooks three dollars and catch this on the cheap.

The Intern

When a tech firm goes looking for senior interns, they end up with a senior citizen (Robert DeNiro.)  An old school professional, DeNiro initially has trouble fitting into fully interwebbed society of his co-workers, but ends up teaching them a lesson in style, class, and work ethics.  Anne Hathaway plays the company’s founder, who increasingly relies on DeNiro for his refreshing perspective.


When to See It:  Rent It.  While the acting from DeNiro and Hathaway seems to be excellent, and their characters develop some good synergy, this film can’t seem to shake that old-mothball smell of recycled young versus old jokes.  Might be worth a visit, but probably not worth full price.

The Green Inferno

A plane full of idealistic young people headed to the rain forest ends in disaster, as an engine malfunction crash lands them in the middle of cannibal country.


When to See It:  Never?  This story has been done a dozen times, mostly in blood and cleavage soaked cannibal films from the 60’s and 70’s.  I guess its nice that Hollywood is blowing the dust off an old stand-by, but I doubt anyone was clamoring for another one of these flicks to get made, especially when the schtick is pretty racist by now.  Instead of Green Inferno they really should have titled this “brown people are scary!”


Four dudes suit up in their best cowboy duds and let a film crew follow them as they try to drive 16 horses from the Mexican border all the way up to Canada.


When to See It:  Netflix.  Like I always say, Netflix is for documentaries, and this one seems tailor made for that venue.  A gorgeously shot film, the story may grab fans of wilderness adventures, but I don’t foresee wide appeal.

Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead:  The Story of National Lampoon

This documentary follows the rise and fall of a magazine that became a Hollywood juggernaut, producing dozens of films, some of them actually quite funny.


When to See It:  VOD.  Get as stoned or liquored up as the boys of Delta house and fire this film up.  While the legacy of National Lampoon is probably waning into obscurity, it is always fun to get the behinds the scene dirt on such a prolific and incendiary franchise.

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