Coming Soon Trailers: Skyscraper, Hotel Transylvania 3.

Coming Soon Trailers: Skyscraper, Hotel Transylvania 3.
Hang on there budy!

Coming Soon Trailers: Skyscraper, Hotel Transylvania 3.

It’s The Rock versus Dracula at the box office, while the streaming market is red hot with 15 releases.

Coming Soon Trailers: Skyscraper, Hotel Transylvania 3.
Dwayne being Dwayne.

It’s summer, so that means it’s time for a Dwayne Johnson action flick.  Actually, pretty much any season means its time for a Dwayne Johnson action flick.  The man doesn’t take vacations.  This week he’ll be scaling a towering inferno, not to be confused with the actual Towering Inferno.  His competition is the Adam Sandler led animated sequel, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.  So I guess that means there are two disaster movies out this week.

If you’re skipping the theaters this week, you have plenty of options.  15 films hit the streaming catalogues.  Pretty much every conceivable genre from a documentary about a stuntman, to zombies, to a punk rock biopic, and a love story about a guy impersonating the mail man.  There’s even a Keanu Reeves thriller, so I know my bases are covered at least!

Coming Soon Trailers: Skyscraper, Hotel Transylvania 3.
The only good thing about Russia in years!

Wide Release.


Will Ford (Dwayne Johnson) is a war veteran who uses his extensive training to ensure the security of high profile buildings.  He’s put under the ultimate stress test when his latest client is attacked by a business rival.  Ford is blamed for the attack, and must clear his name while also trying to rescue his family from the fiery skyscraper.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

To escape the stress of the hotel business, Dracula and his family of ghouls decide to take a luxury cruise just for monsters.  Things appear sunny, especially when it looks like Drac has found love, but the captain of the ship is hiding a secret that threatens everyone’s vacation.

Video On Demand.

The Broken Ones.

Two people dealing with loss after the attacks on 9/11 try to help each other pick up the pieces.

No Postage Necessary.

A convicted cyber criminal moonlights as a fake mail carrier.  One day he finds a love letter and reads it, because he is a complete asshole.  He falls in love with the sender, and manipulates his way into meeting her.  If the film doesn’t wind up with A) him in jail or B) her killing him slowly for being human pond scum, I’ll have lost yet another fragment of my faith in humanity.

A Swingers Weekend.

Two couples looking for a sexy weekend wind up with a fifth and sixth wheel when an uninvited couple crashes the party.

The Snowman Trek.

A documentary about a group of athletes attempting a long distance trek across the Himalayas in Bhutan.

The Lighthouse.

Two men stranded in a lighthouse during a long assignment begin to lose their grip on sanity, with horrific results.

5th Passenger.

A crew fleeing conflict in a drifting escape pod begin to suspect that an alien has stowed aboard as well.

The Icarus Line Must Die.

A dramatic adaptation of the events surrounding the real life band The Icarus Line, featuring actual members of the band.


A young man emotionally isolated by the death of his mother meets a hiker who helps him to open up again.

Access All Areas.

Two teens desperate to break free from their parents sneak away on a road trip to the Isle of Sounds music festival.

Darkness Reigns.

A film crew thinks they are working on a cheesy haunted motel flick but wind up capturing video evidence of evil spirits.

How It Ends (Netflix)

A man and his estranged father-in-law must make a dangerous journey across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to save the woman who connects them.

The Devil’s Doorway.

Two priests travel to a home for unwed mother’s in Ireland after hearing of miracles taking place.  They discover the unexplained events may come from below instead of above.


A diamond dealer (Keanu Reeves) who trades in ethically dubious rare gems travels to Russia to find his missing partner.  As his business begins to collapse, he becomes obsessed with a beautiful café owner.

The Night Eats the World.

After a hard night of excess, a man wakes up in a strange flat all alone.  Things get worse when he realizes the building is besieged by zombies.

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story.

A documentary about stuntman Kane Hodder who survived a vicious childhood, being nearly burnt alive, and some of Hollywood’s most iconic stunts.


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