Coming Soon Trailers: Smallfoot, Night School, Hell Fest.

Coming Soon Trailers: Smallfoot, Night School, Hell Fest.
It's novel, alright.

Coming Soon Trailers: Smallfoot, Night School, Hell Fest.

September continues to deliver variety as an animated Yeti, a Kevin Hart comedy and a carnival horror flick hit the theater this weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: Smallfoot, Night School, Hell Fest.
It’s novel, alright.

Despite some trepidation at the box office totals of late, September has been a good month for variety.  Rom comes, missing person thrillers, horrors, documentaries and action flicks have been popping into the top ten recently.  This week fleshes out those offerings with our first big animated film since Hotel Transylvania 3, and we get the always realiable-at-the-box-office Kevin Hart as well.  I’m always surprised that September boasts more horror films than October, but that trend continues with the latest bloody flick, Hell Fest.  Finally, we get a smaller release of Little Women, the 7th big screen adaptation of the literary classic drama.

At home the month slows down the frantic pace.  Just five new streaming titles hit the market this week.  Fans of schlock should appreciate that the team behind the archetypal “so bad its good” film, The Room, are back at it.  Best F(f)iends is not only a second rodeo with Tommy Wiseau, but also a potential two-parter, a la Kill Bill.  Talk about delightful hubris!

Coming Soon Trailers: Smallfoot, Night School, Hell Fest.
Keep failing upwards, boys.

Wide Release


A mild-mannered Yeti is forced to leave his mountain village after seeing a human being out in the snow.  The tribe ridicules his tiny tale (short story?), so he is forced to head out into the world and rustle up a human to prove he wasn’t making it all up.

Night School.

Teddy (Kevin Hart) left high school to make his own way, and did pretty good for himself.  A successful salesman, his life is wrecked when his business blows up, literally, and he is forced to go back to high school as a middle aged man.

Hell Fest

Three couples head to a horror-themed carnival where the scares are a tad too real.

Limited Release.

Little Women.

An adaptation of Louise May Alcott’s classic drama about four sisters trying to determine their own destiny in a society where creative outlets for women are limited.  This adaptation places the drama in a modern setting.

Video on Demand.

The Song of Sway Lake.

A dissolute young man plans to steal a rare jazz record from his grandmother’s summer home, but his plans falter when his friend begins to become fascinated with the older woman.

Best F(r)iends Volume One.

A drifter and an unscrupulous mortician go into business together.  Initially thick as thieves, when the heat is on they are soon at each other’s throats.

One Wild Moment.

Two old friends, Antoine and Laurent, take their teenage daughters with them to a luxurious Corsican beach vacation.  The youngest girl becomes infatuated with Laurent, and things go too far.  Spurned by him, she tells her father, but leaves out Laurent’s name.  Now Antoine is hunting the man who wronged his girl, unaware of his true identity.

Don’t Open Your Eyes.

A hospice worker discovers he shares a sinister connection with one of his elderly patients.

Joan Jett:  Bad Reputation.

A documentary about Joan Jett, her musical career, and the effect it had on both the nascent 70’s punk rock scene and future musicians.



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