Coming Soon Trailers: Snatched, King Arthur.

Coming Soon Trailers: Snatched, King Arthur.

Coming Soon Trailers: Snatched, King Arthur.

Two wide releases and four VOD titles try to get you to not watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for the eleventh time.

Coming Soon Trailers: Snatched, King Arthur.May is an odd month.  Marvel has made the beginning of May its home, with great success.  For everyone else, the month is kinda poison.  What was traditionally a dead zone is suddenly home to blockbusters, but only for a specific genre.  This has tempted others to wade into late Spring with potential big films…with less than great results.  Sorry to say, this year seems to be no exception with Snatched and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword already getting panned.

At home we have just four new VOD releases, which is down quite a bit from the furious pace of recent weeks.

Wide Release.


An entitled party animal (Amy Schumer) gets dumped before a dream vacation, so she strong arms her reluctant mother (Goldie Hawn) into the adventure.  The pair is promptly kidnapped, and have to survive their assailants and each other.

See It?:  Skip it.

Early word is that this film is formulaic and misuses its talent.  Schumer actually plays a milder version of Schumer, but Hawn just seems lost in the proceedings.   Hawn has made some of the best comedies, specifically in this genre, so having a trailer so full of ho-hum bland jokes is a real waste.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Heir to the throne Arthur is robbed of his royal rite by nefarious forces and ends up living a hard scrabble life on the streets.  When fate causes him to draw the fateful sword from the stone, he must acknowledge the destiny he was born to.

See It?:  Skip it.

Another film that is being damned with faint praise, Guy Ritchie’s take on King Arthur is tonally odd.  The first few trailers were so “hip,” you’d be hard pressed to find anything recognizably Arthurian about them.  This trailer does a much better job of presenting a sword and sorcery narrative, but it all ends up looking like a bar room brawl that’s stumbled its way into The Lord of the Rings.

Video on Demand.

Black Site Delta.

When terrorists take over a clandestine military base looking for a nuclear bomb, they instead stumble onto a group of black site prisoners with nothing to lose.  This group of paramilitary misfits band together to take on the baddies while trying to earn a pardon…and not kill each other in the process.

See It?:  Skip It.

The title of this trailer should have been “people walking through doors with guns, trying to look cool.”  I counted at least three of those.  The rest of the trailer is poorly lit and filled with flashlights you know are going to get shined in the audiences face repeatedly.  Beyond poor cinematography, the action isn’t anything special, and the dialogue is pretty generic as well.


A young woman dedicated to making it to the Olympics as a runner gets side-lined by injury.  While she recovers, she is forced to confront a normal life outside of her demanding regimens and structured training.  Boyfriends, girlfriends, social life and parties are all obstacles she never anticipated on her road to the games.

See It?:  Rent it.

The sports aspect of the trailer almost sunk this flick.  It just looks generic and formulaic (and the success platitudes are brutal!)  Luckily, this film has a second gear, and it is a quirky comedy about finding your identity when the one activity that defined you is taken away.  That movie is worth seeing.  Hopefully the sports stuff remains mostly on the sidelines.

Folk Hero and Funny Guy

A forgettable stiff who desperately wants to be a comedian gets the chance to go on tour with his semi-famous folk singer buddy.  Along the way he starts to find his voice, but the shadow of his free-living friend may be harder to escape than his awful punchlines.

See It?:  Skip it.

There is quite a few talented people attached to this project.  Unfortunately none of them are the main characters.  The comedian, in particular, is a bland character suffering from a wooden performance.  There’s not enough the supporting cast can do when your leads are this boring.

Hounds of Love

A young woman is abducted by a deranged couple.

See It?:  Yes.

First off, the cinematography here is gorgeous.  Lovingly crafted shots with a vivid color palette juxtapose some really awful things going on as this couple work out their dysfunctional relationship via torture and murder.  The performances are compelling, and the film doesn’t overplay its hand.  Solid looking title all the way around.

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