Coming Soon Trailers: Solo – A Star Wars Story.

Coming Soon Trailers: Solo - A Star Wars Story.

Coming Soon Trailers: Solo – A Star Wars Story.

Solo – A Star Wars Story is going solo to the movie theaters this week as other studios avoid competing with Disney.

Despite a troubled production and problematic marketing campaign, Star Wars is still Star Wars, which means nobody is throwing their hat in the ring to release alongside Solo.  With no new competition, some smaller films like the RBG documentary are starting to expand into larger markets.  Things are similarly quiet on the home front with just four new films hitting the streaming market.  I guess this is as good a weekend as any to get caught up on Westworld!

Coming Soon Trailers: Solo - A Star Wars Story.
“…You’re braver than I thought!”

Wide Release.

Solo – A Star Wars Story.

A young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) longs to ditch his life in the Imperial Army and fly free with the movers and shakers.  He’s given this chance when a rogue named Beckett (Woody Harrelson) takes him under his wing and introduces him to the world of smuggling.  Assisted by a motley crew, we watch Han become the man who defied the Empire in a bucket of bolts with a Wookie co-pilot and a wonky hyperdrive.

Limited Release Expansion.


A Documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  This one’s been tearing up the limited release market and expands just in time to highlight how the current Supreme Court is gutting our democracy.  Yay!

Video on Demand.

Soft Matter.

Two graffiti artists break into the wrong abandoned building and discover a group of researchers attempting to resurrect a monstrous creature.

Troll Inc.

A documentary following the actions of Andrew Auernheimer, an internet troll and provocateur who was prosecuted by the government for being a whistleblower.  The film also addresses the pros and cons of the actions of internet trolls.

Future World.

In a post-apocalyptic hellscape, one young prince must survive marauding gangs of killers and criminals led by a maniac warlord (James Franco) in order to find a mythical cure to save his mother the queen.


A group of teens must decide between friendship and survival when a deadly virus tears through their camping trip, turning those it infects into mindless cannibals.

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