Coming Soon Trailers: Spectre, The Peanuts Movie, Lost in the Sun

spectre trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

Can November’s trailers breath some life into a sluggish box office, or is everyone saving up their pennies for December’s massive roll out of Star Wars?  Hollywood is hoping there is one person who can get butts in seats, and his name is Bond.  James Bond.

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The latest (and ostensibly last) outing for Daniel Craig as famed movie spy James Bond explores more of Bond’s dark past before he joined MI6, and introduces a shadowy cabal of super criminals known as SPECTRE.


When to See It:  In Theaters.  The Craig run as 007 has been excellent except for a slight detour during Quantum of Solace, which I enjoyed but critics hated.  Having laid all the pieces in place for how Bond became the spy we know and love, this final installment, helmed again by Sam Mendes, adds the final missing element: his famous rogues gallery of super villains.

The Peanuts Movie

All of your favorite characters return…along with all of the jokes you’ve read a dozen times in syndication.  Charlie Brown takes the opportunity of a new kid moving to his neighborhood to reinvent himself, to greater or lesser degrees of success and comic mayhem.


When to See It:  Take the family to see it on a bargain matinee.  It has much of the charm older audiences remember from the series (how could it fail to, it seems to be recycling Schulz best bits shamelessly!) and looks to have enough whimsy that children will enjoy it.

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Lost in the Sun

A career criminal enlists the aid of a sullen young boy on a string of petty crimes.  The two develop a complicated relationship that is quickly put to the test when elements of the man’s past come to collect.


The Hallow

A posh couple and their new baby make the move from London to the countryside, but discover a hostile and superstitious community surrounding their wooded estate.  It turns out that their fear of spirits and sprites may be entirely well founded.



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