Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Far from Home, Midsommar.

Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Far from Home, Midsommar.

Hollywood hopes to jump start the box office with mid-week releases of two new wide release films.

I’m kind of shocked that they didn’t opt to send Spidey to China, given Hollywood’s recent pandering.

Spider-Man arrives on Tuesday to hopefully rescue the box office from a dismal slump.  Spidey has a lot of heavy lifting to do.  Story wise, Far From Home will be our first look at a post Thanos Marvel universe.  On the business side, the film will also hopefully answer some lingering questions about how our wall crawler will function in the MCU now that his time on loan from Sony is nearing its end.  And on the money side, Hollywood is hoping that this outing can surpass Homecoming‘s debut of 117 million dollars and get summer back on track.

Not to be outdone, A24 is releasing Midsommar on Wednesday to capitalize on the long Fourth of July holiday.  The is latest film from director Ari Aster, who caught everyone by surprise with his modern horror classic, Hereditary.

The home market also looks to get some extra attention over the holiday weekend, dropping eight new films.  My eye is on Cold Blood, which features Jean Reno making a return to the genre of assassin flicks.  Hopefully this “retired hitman comes back for one last kill” flick lands its beats better than Netflix’s abysmal Polar.

Wide Release.

Spider-Man:  Far from Home. (Tuesday)

After the battle with Thanos changed the world forever, Peter Parker must step into a bigger role as the hero Spider-Man.

Midsommar.  (Wednesday)

An American couple on the bring of falling apart head to a festival in Sweden to commemorate the midsummer, a festival only held every one every 90 years.  They soon suspect that their participation in the ritual is not a coincidence…or optional.

Video on Demand.


Oh good.  Another creepy doll movie.  We’re really running short on those!

Crown and Anchor.

James lives a strictly regimented life in order to distance himself from the legacy of his alcoholic father.  His cousin Danny has fallen into the same cycle of abuse and addiction.  The two men are thrown back together by fate, bringing their tragic past out into the open.

Play or Die.

Two friends audition for an exclusive escape room game, but soon realize that they are playing for more than prizes and fame.


A pregnant police officer and a blind man must help each other to survive when a bloody plague of the living dead ravages their world.

Cold Blood.

A retired hitman (Jean Reno) lives in isolation in the wilderness.  A chance encounter leads him to save the life of a young woman in a snowmobile accident, but her secrets may draw him back into the life of a killer.

Skin in the Game.

An ex-prostitute who now works to shut down human traffickers (Erica Ash) helps a desperate mother search for her teenage daughter.

My Days of Mercy.

Two women (Ellen Page, Kate Mara) on opposite ends of the debate on capital punishment find themselves drawn into a passionate relationship that tests their convictions.


Phil (Greg Kinnear) is a depressed dentist whose life is falling apart  He is shocked when one of his patients commits suicide, though the man seemed to have the perfect life. Assuming a false identity to get close to the man’s family, Phil gets perspective on his own desire to end his life.

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