Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming.

Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming.

Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming.

It’s Spider-Man or bust in theaters this weekend, but VOD swings into action.

Coming Soon Trailers: Spider-Man Homecoming.
Pictured: Spidey trying to keep Sony and Marvel together on this project.

I’m personally curious to see which way the winds of fate blow young Peter Parker this weekend.  People seem to like Tom Holland as our new web-head and they’re practically giddy that Marvel has their hands on Spider-Man.  On the flip side, there’s has definitely been cases of reboot fatigue going around the theaters this summer.  Does Spider-Man make it into the big leagues or will we be shopping for a 4th Peter Parker?

In VOD, we get a music documentary, a zombies as STD horror film, an action flick, and two crime dramas where you get to root for the bad guy.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release

Spider-Man: Homecoming.

After his crash course introduction into the world of super heroes, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) tries to manage his hectic high school life while trying out for the Avengers.  A new villain is in town, The Vulture (Michael Keaton), and Spidey may need help from his mentor, Iron Man, to take him down.

See It?:  I guess?

I like the cast, except for how much Tony Stark we’re apparently getting.  Part of Sony’s problem was bloating their films with too many characters, so I really wish Iron Man would flock off and let Spidey do his thing.  I’m also really getting tired of reboots, and even a little tired of comic book movies in general.  That being said, this does look fun and Michael Keaton looks like the best Marvel villain we’ve had to date.  Give it a gander.

Video on Demand.

Man in the Camo Jacket.

A Documentary about musician Mike Peters, member of a popular rock band in the UK.  The film talks about his career and his fight against cancer, which led him to start a global fundraiser to fight the disease.

See It?:  Rent it.

All the pieces are in place: strong subject, poignant narrative, a slightly obscure musical biography, and lots of concert footage.  Not my cup of tea, but as far as cancer/rock and roll biopics go, this one looks solid.

A Life not to Follow.

Three men from different situations are all caught up in a gang-land hit.  One is looking to make his name in the underworld, one is trying to solve a cold case, and one is just trying to survive.

See It?:  No.

Interesting premise and heavy on style, unfortunately this feature is light on polish.  It looks like a shabby homage to any number of slick mob movies like Goodfellas.  The heart is in the right place, but I just can’t get over the clunky dialogue and poor acting.

America Has Fallen.

A former Marine is framed for a terrorist bombing and must find the real perpetrators in order to clear his name.

See It?:  WTF?

Ten second in, I wanted to shut this trailer off.  The camera work is atrocious and the CG explosion was utterly craptastic.  I kept watching and this film kept getting weirder.  It’s like a mash up of The Dark Knight Rises, SAW, and any number of rogue agent vs. terrorist films (I don’t know…like the “Blank” Has Fallen movies they are flirting with copywright infringement from.)  I can’t say I recommend it, but it’s certainly an odd duck some may need to see.

Night of Something Strange.

A virus that spreads like an STD is loose in a small town, and it infects a group of teens who are on a sexy road trip.

See It?: WTF part 2, Vagina Bugaloo?

OK, let me get this straight:  the “I hurt when I pee” zombie bleeds all over a gas station toilet and one of the main characters actually sits down on that hot mess.  She turns zombie and infects what looks like a fat guy who is date raping her.  Her friends freak out and we get 2 minutes of people being kicked in the crotch or things coming bloodily out of their crotch.  What the hell?

The acting is Z level creature feature, and effects are so-so, and the story is bonkers.  I guess SOMEBODY could enjoy this…

Bad Frank.

A man with a history of violence is trying to put his life back together.  When things go wrong and his wife goes missing, his darker urges start to get the best of Frank.

See It?: Yes.

I have to say I was initially put off by the interview-style trailer, but it does a great job of setting the scene and introducing the players without giving away too much.  There’s a lot of unanswered questions that I want to find out about, and that is an effective trailer.  All the nuts and bolts like camera work, dialogue and acting seem fine.  Intriguing film, worth a watch.


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