Coming Soon Trailers: Spies in Disguise, Little Women.

The final new releases of the year head to theaters over the Christmas break.

This week the wide releases drop early, in anticipation of the big Christmas holiday. Wednesday sees the premier of Greta Gerwig‘s adaptation of Little Women, and Will Smith teams up with Spider-Man in an animated spy comedy. On Thursday, the latest crime drama from the Safdie brothers, Uncut Gems, gets a national expansion after drawing rave review.

The home market pretty much packs up shop till the new year. One new release, featuring Danny Trejo, drops on the last day of the year.

Happy new year, cabrĂ³n.

Wide Release.

Little Women.

Four sisters come of age during the aftermath of the American Civil War.

Spies in Disguise.

A sauve, super spy (Will Smith) is turned into a pigeon by his bumbling gadget man (Tom Holland). Now the world needs the zero to be a hero, with coaching from his 00-pigeon.

National Expansion.

Uncut Gems.

A Boston Jeweler (Adam Sandler) gets in over his head when an audacious betting scheme goes sideways.

Video on Demand.


A former boxing champ and his retired trainer (Danny Trejo) agree to help a young man protect himself from a bully.

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