Coming Soon Trailers: Straight Outta Compton, Air, One & Two

Straight out of compton box office wrap up

Coming Soon Trailers

This week is packed!  In major releases, we get a modern take on a semi-classic spy series and a musical biopic about gangsta rap.  For limited release and VOD, we have an embarrassment of potential riches:  a sci-fi thriller, a supernatural revenge flick, a sexual assault revenge flick, a foreign language sexual assault revenge flick, and a spree killing revenge flick.  That is a lot of assault and revenge.  We should probably sit down as a group and talk this out…

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

At the height of the cold war, two spies from opposite sides of the conflict must put aside their differences (their differences being multiple attempts to capture or kill each other) in order to confront an evil organization that is selling nuclear weapons in order to destabilize the world.

When to See It:  Rent it or catch a discount matinee if you just can’t wait for the much more promising 007 film, Spectre.

Straight Outta Compton

At a crucial juncture in the evolution of hip hop, five young men from South Central LA form a rap super group, defined by their hard hitting lyrics and controversy seeking actions.  NWA becomes a phenomenon which pioneers the genre of gangsta rap, and causes social upheaval as their themes of street life, drug use and violence become a mainstream hit.  The biopic follows the groups rise, conflicts with society, and eventual fall.

When to See It:  In Theaters.  Just like NWA’s music, this film has some mixed messages, but the performances look riveting and the film certainly furthers the already polarizing discussion of rap’s place in society.


Humanity has been forced underground due to environmental destruction.  The majority of the population is in suspended animation in order to conserve the planets dwindling resources, clean air being the scarcest.  Two technicians are revived periodically to check for signs that the planet is healing, but on their latest revival, an explosion rocks the facility.  With oxygen levels falling rapidly, the two must decide how to save themselves and the remnants of humanity.

When to See It:  I want to say see it immediately…but the asking price of 14$ on Amazon is a bridge too far.  Wait for this film to come back down to Earth price-wise.  Dammit, VOD, you’re supposed to be the solution to high ticket prices, not part of the problem!

Return to Sender

After a vicious sex crime, the survivor attempts to put her life back in order.  The criminal is caught and sent to prison, but this seems to offer her no solace.  She attempts to understand the despicable act by writing letters to the inmate, and eventually forges an uneasy correspondence.  When a lenient sentencing board lets the creep out on parole, she determines to follow up on his punishment, personally.

When to See It:  Rental when the price comes down.  Once again, a day one asking price of 14$ is just too high, and  Return to Sender is unfortunate enough to be surrounded by a spate of revenge films focused on sexual assault that can be had for a much lower price. Despite the talented casting, it doesn’t quite do enough in the trailer to make it “see it now” material.

Tom at the Farm

When Tom’s lover Guillaume passes away, he reluctantly leaves the city to attend the funeral in the small farming town where Guillaume’s family resides.  Expecting a woman as their son’s partner, Tom is forced to hide his sexuality from the family during the tense funeral proceedings.  The tension is noticed by Guillaume’s sadistic older brother who quickly ferrets out Tom’s secret, and then blackmails him into a violent and abusive relationship.  Trapped in the small town, Tom must struggle to break free from an increasingly desperate situation.

When to See It:  VOD.  This film, from young but acclaimed star/director Xavier Dolan has that “must see” feel to it.  The tension comes from everywhere:  urban versus rural values, secrets versus lies, and even captive versus accomplice.  Subtitles may be a breaking point for some, but this looks to be a film that challenges audiences at every turn.  It gives me enough to justify the just bearable asking price of 9$.

Final Girl

A group of privileged high school preppies abuse their power by trying to seduce shy females, and then luring them out into the wood…where they are then hunted for sport.  Their latest prey is an enigmatic young lady with a troubled past, and the survival skills necessary to ensure that this group of scumbags have targeted their final girl.

When to See It:  On Netflix.  While I do love the idea of a group of douche bags having the tables turned on them in a grizzly and spectacularly bloody manner, this movie just doesn’t seem ready for prime time.  The action looks poorly choreographed, the production values are low, and the plot is absolutely bananas.  This could surprise as a cult classic, but that’s a risky proposition to wager your movie-viewing dollars on.

One & Two

On an isolated family farm, two young siblings must come to grip with a secret their father wishes to keep hidden:  the brother and sister possess supernatural powers.  While mostly harmless, their father fears what these mysterious abilities mean.  Rather than nurture their talents, he hides them away, keeping the children prisoners on the farm.  When the pair learn to use their powers for their own ends, they must confront each other over the best course of action:  escape or revenge.

When to See It:  If you are lucky enough to have an art house cinema nearby showing this film, catch it.  There isn’t word yet on VOD possibilities, so that may be your only option.  Too bad, because this movie really has caught my interest, being an unorthodox play on the extremely ubiquitous super-powered protagonists genre.

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