Coming Soon Trailers: Stuber, Crawl, The Art of Self Defense.

Coming Soon Trailers: Stuber, Crawl, The Art of Self Defense.

Coming Soon Trailers: Stuber, Crawl, The Art of Self Defense.

Buckle up, we’ve got a buddy cop flick, giant alligators, and Jesse Eisenberg doing karate.  This should be interesting.

Well, this summer weekend will at least be busy. We’ve got two wide release films – a giant reptile horror movie and a giant Dave Bautista action comedy. Seriously, the dude’s just plain big. We also get an indie dark comedy with Jesse Eisenberg wandering into equivalent of a Cobra Kai dojo.
At Home, there’s eleven new offerings on the streaming market. For those who like the low price of free, Anthony Mackie has a gritty action flick out on Netflix this week to keep your eye on. That’s a lot of films, let’s kick it!

Coming Soon Trailers: Stuber, Crawl, The Art of Self Defense.
…See, cause it’s a karate joke…never mind.

Wide Release.


A teen and her injured father are trapped inside their house by flood waters.  More dangerous than the rising water is a family of massive alligators trying to snack on the unlucky survivors.


A hapless Uber driver (Kumail Nanjiani) has his ride commandeered by a gruff detective (Dave Bautista) on the hunt for violent drug cartel members.

Limited Release.

The Art of Self Defense.

A shy man (Jesse Eisenberg) pushed too far by a mugging falls under the sway of a charismatic martial arts instructor (Alessandro Nivola).

Video on Demand.

The Dark Within.

A mentally disturbed man with latent psychic powers wrestles with his inner demons while trying to discover why his parents disappeared.


A family reluctantly receive the cremated ashes of an estranged relative.  When supernatural events terrorize them, they begin to suspect their aunt left them cursed remains.

Killer Unicorn.

Danny was attacked after attending a well known Brooklyn party spot for drag queens.  Several of the queens saved his life…by beating the perpetrator unconscious.  A year later, a stranger in a unicorn mask begins hunting down everyone connected to that fateful night.

Landing Lake.

A team of technicians head into a remote forest to repair satelite equipment, but instead wind up rescuing the crew of a downed plane.  They soon notice something alien interfering with any equipment…and whispering promises of rebirth to the last member of group left alive!

Miss Arizona.

A former beauty pageant winner is forced to hit the road with four unlikely friends, leading to a wild night in L.A.


Two couples trying to work through relationship issues decide to spend a drug and sex fueled weekend in a secluded desert house.  Trouble starts when a supposed neighbor (Fairuza Balk) arrives with a story of car trouble and sinister intentions.


A family forced to extremes by the world’s worst drought wind up forcing their youngest son into a life of crime.  When things go sideways, the son is left for dead.  He struggles to survive in a desolate land in order to get back home – to get revenge.


A religious order takes in an angry and violent young girl, attempting to tame her urges.  Unfortunately the mother who made her into a feral creature is not far behind, and keen to get her girl back at any cost.

Summer Night.

Two best friends are set to celebrate the last days of summer by performing at the local rock venue.  Both get knocked off their groove by relationship issues.  As they try to sort out their lives during the concert, they’re surrounded by friends and lovers going through equally awkward transitions.

Point Blank (Netflix).

Paul is an ER nurse whose latest patient is a badly injured criminal (Anthony Mackie.)  When Paul learns his wife and child were kidnapped, he has to trust the dangerous felon in order to take on corrupt cops and gangbangers.


A documentary about astronaut Neil Armstrong, told through archival material and Armstrong’s own home-movie footage.


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