Coming Soon Trailers: Suicide Squad, Nine Lives

Coming Soon Trailers:  Suicide Squad

Only two new wide releases this week, but six whole VOD offerings!  Warner Brother’s desperately needs Suicide Squad to be a hit in order to keep the DCU viable compared to Marvel.

Wide Release

Suicide Squad

A rogue’s gallery of misfit Batman villains are tasked by the government to perform a secret mission.  Only this group of losers and psychopaths can get the job done, but both The Joker and Batman are on their tail, and their government handler wants them dead.  Sometimes it sucks to be the good guys.

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Coming Soon Trailers: Suicide Squad
We came for the lovable losers, not chuckles the clown.

Depends, which movie are we getting?  The trailers have been entertaining, but all over the board in terms of tone and plot points.  I would prefer this movie to have as little Batman and Joker as possible, since those two characters have their own damn movies.   If the story sticks to the misfits and keeps up the funny banter we see in the trailer, I think this movie is going to be a refreshing ray of light in the bleak Gotham landscape of the DC cinematic universe after the shake-up caused by Batman V Superman.

Nine Lives

A wealthy business man (Kevin Spacey) who is never around for his family is cursed by a creepy pet-shop owner (Christopher Walkin) to live one week with his family…as a cat.

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Nope.  The CGI looks pretty terrible, and humor is mostly cat puns, and Spacey doesn’t seem to be particularly thrilled to be in this project.  At one point he asks us to drown him.  I think he was legitimately making a plea for help.

Video on Demand

Can We Take a Joke?

Comedians like Lisa Lampanelli, Gilbert Gottfried, Penn Jillette and Adam Corolla discuss the nature of censorship and the current culture of speech policing that threatens their comedy careers, and (they argue) the freedom of speech for all parties.

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Wait for it to be free on Netflix.  There, it’s been ten seconds, it’s probably free on Netflix.  You’re welcome.

Sun Choke

A young woman with psychological issues of self violence begins to chafe at the increasingly draconian treatment she receives from her her live-in care taker.

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Yes.  Looks pretty gripping and is willing to play with the audience’s perception of who is actually going too far.

Dark Cove

A group of friends head out to a remote cove for an annual camping trip only to run into a group of surfer’s offering them drugs and a wild ride.  They turn out to be psychopaths.  Naturally.

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Nope.  This trailer screams amateur hour.  From the dialogue, the constant references to sex, and the silly action sequences (I particularly like the scene of the guy running and jumping over a small log like he’s busting out some kind of sweet stunt) you get the feeling that this film is just one big juvenile wank fest.

Five Nights in Maine

A man suffering from personal loss (David Oyelowo, Selma) heads to rural Maine to meet the mother (Dianne Wiest) of his recently deceased wife.  The woman is dying of cancer, and the pair have a tense week comparing their private pain and dealing with a legacy of racial animosity.

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Yes.  Great cast, haunting musical score, and a purposefully ambiguous premise that is all highlighted by two great actors having an existential pissing contest about who is suffering the worst.  Lots to unpack in this film, looks like a somber but mesmerizing film.Coming Soon Trailers: Suicide Squad

The Mind’s Eye

A researcher into telekinesis has been abducting potential candidates and attempting to take their powers from them.  Two gifted subjects manage to escape and lead the researcher on a bloody chase.

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Maybe.  This film is definitely aimed at a very specific audience, fans of retro body horror films like Scanners, and is not afraid to court them at the cost of mainstream viability.  The acting seems so-so, and the plot a bit canned, but the action and the effects seem dead-on.  If you like David Cronenberg’s body of work, you’re probably going to like this homage.

The Dwarvenaut

A documentary exploring the life, work and latest adventure of Stefan Pokorny, an artist who creates Dungeons and Dragons table top sets with painstaking detail and mind blowing imagination.  The film picks up with him as he is in the middle of an ambitious multi-million dollar Kickstarter campaign to fund his life-long dream of creating a self-contained fantasy world in miniature.

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Coming Soon Trailers: Suicide SquadYes.  Odd characters, a niche subject, but very human and likable.  There’s multiple angles to view the narrative from, whether you’re a fan of table-top gaming, graphic design, or just interested in the exploding world of Kickstarter funded niche art.


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