Coming Soon Trailers: Super Troopers 2, Traffik, I Feel Pretty.

Coming Soon Trailers: Super Troopers 2, Traffik, I Feel Pretty.

Hollywood is getting their counter-programing in early with a pair of comedies and a thriller the week before Avengers Infinity War.

Coming Soon Trailers: Super Troopers 2, Traffik, I Feel Pretty.

You may be able to guess what “niche” they are catering to.

The long awaited and crowd funded sequel to Super Troopers lands on 4/20 this week, as well as an Amy Schumer comedy, and a thriller.  It will be interesting to see how well Super Troopers 2 does, as the Broken Lizard brand of comedies tends to be rather niche…but a successful kickstarter campaign may motivate fans who usually wait for their films on streaming to make a pilgrimage to the theater.

Despite all of the advertising online, You Were Never Really Here is only in limited release this weekend (not exactly my definition of “everywhere April 20th”, Amazon!)  That’s a shame, since this Joaquin Phoenix crime drama looks spectacular.

Finally, we have a more sedate weekend on the streaming market.  There is a documentary about how the police deal with rape kits and sexual assault, a pair of horror movies, and a murder mystery.

Wide Release.

Super Troopers 2.

After getting canned for their antics, five Vermont state troopers are given a second chance.  This time around, they’re assigned north of the border in a quiet Canadian town that it turns out was supposed to be part of the US all along.  The natives aren’t happy with their new American law officers, including a smuggling ring that would prefer to see the troopers sent packing.


Two couples have their quiet vacation retreat crashed by a vicious gang who are looking to drive away anyone who might have witnessed their operations.

I Feel Pretty.

After a blow to the head, a formerly shy and unsure young woman becomes convinced that she is the most beautiful and capable woman alive.

Limited Release.

You Were Never Really Here.

A contract killer with a reputation for extreme methods is hired by a politically connected client to retrieve his daughter from a human trafficking ring.  When the killer takes a personal interest in the case, he is drawn into a web of deceit.

Video on Demand.

I Am Evidence.

This documentary explores the egregious backlog in the US justice system for processing rape kits and handling sexual assault cases.

Opening Night.

A stage manager contends with an unruly cast as he tries to get the show ready for opening night.

Tempus Tormentum.

Three psychopaths kidnap a drifter and subject him to increasingly bizarre and macabre trials.

Russian Doll.

Police investigating a mysterious 911 call discover a suspicious troupe of actors, one of whom may be responsible for the disappearance of the woman who made the call.


A series of “screamer” viral videos prompt an investigation by the internet company hosting the video site, but they discover more than just a malicious prank.


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