Coming Soon Trailers: Superfly, Tag, Incredibles 2.

Coming Soon Trailers: Superfly, Tag, Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles look to pull off the improbable, releasing a long awaited sequel after 14 years since the original.

Coming Soon Trailers: Superfly, Tag, Incredibles 2.
Welcome back, it’s been a while!

A trio of new arrivals hope to turn June’s lagging sales around, led by Disney/Pixar’s super hero team The Incredibles.  We start the week early with a Wednesday release of Superfly, a modern remake of the 1970’s blaxploitation cult classic.  From there we get a pair of wide releases, including The Incredibles 2 and the comedy Tag, featuring Jeremy Renner, Hannibal Buress and Ed Helms.  In limited release, we have Race 3 from India, a heist movie featuring Salman Khan.

In Video on Demand, we have five new releases, dominated by glorious, glorious schlock.  A couple of gory horror movies compete with space gladiators fighting zombies and a battle royale movie where convicts are forced to combat dinosaurs.  Holy hell, this is one weird slate of streaming movies this week!

Coming Soon Trailers: Superfly, Tag, Incredibles 2.
You can’t make this stuff up!

Wide Release.


A young drug dealer is hoping to pull of one daring last score in order to finance his retirement from the criminal life.


Five friends have a life-long tradition of playing a no-holds barred game of Tag for one month each year.  This year the stakes of the match are raised when the group learns that Jerry (Jeremy Renner) will be retiring from the game.  Now the gang has just one month to tag Jerry, a feat they’ve failed to accomplish in forty years.

The Incredibles 2.

The Parr family’s return to super heroics is short lived when the government clamps down on heroes following a pricey battle in the middle of town.  With The Incredibles mothballed again, a rich fan of the group offers to help rehabilitate their image.  Family matriarch Helen is chosen to become the public-friendly face for super-powered folks while Bob is left at home to grapple with their increasingly powerful toddler Jack-Jack.  Amidst all this, a new super villain sets a plan in motion to capitalize on the lack of heroes in town.

Limited Release.

Race 3.

A less than ethical family that engages in illegal operations finds their internal loyalty tested by a high stakes heist that seems designed to destroy them.

Video on Demand.

Vidar the Vampire.

An ordinary religious man has his prayers for a more exciting life answered in the worst way possible when he wakes up one day as the undead prince of darkness.

Apocalypse Rising.

A group of rebels from a war torn planet escape in a star ship and land on Earth, where their fight against the forces of evil are just beginning.

Guilty Men.

Mariana is caught in a sordid love triangle that threatens her engagement.  A series of mysterious deaths in town threaten to bring to light secrets from the trio’s past.

The Jurassic Games.

In the future, death row inmates are forced to compete in a bloody game of survival in virtual reality against all manner of creatures.  If the inmate dies in VR they also die in real life, and only one contestant can claim the prize.

Night of the Virgin.

An awkward young man looking to lose his virginity goes home with a mature woman who has a terrifying connection to a Nepalese cult.


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