Coming Soon Trailers: Terminator Genisys, Cartel Land, Magic Mike XXL


Coming Soon Trailers

Not sure what to watch this weekend? Well here at Deluxe Video we sift through all the trailers of the upcoming movies and tell you what to watch and what to avoid. Because we care about your time, loyal reader…and perhaps because nothing is as much fun as righteous anger when a trailer fails to deliver the goods!

This week we have an intriguing wide release in Terminator Genisys.  Can it breathe new life into an old franchise as Mad Max: Fury Road  and Jurassic World did? Take a look and let us know your thoughts!


Terminator Genisys

A pillar of fire? Are they fighting Moses in this one?
A pillar of fire? Are they fighting Moses in this one?

I’m at a loss here. The preliminary reviews are decidedly mixed on the latest installment of the franchise. The first Terminator is a pop culture legend, the second created the blueprint for over the top “bigger is better” summer blockbusters. Rise of the Machines was god awful, and while Terminator Salvation was solid and tried to take the franchise in a new direction, it is mostly ignored by fans of the series. The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series was quite good, but short-lived.

This movie looks like a convoluted mess. Genisys wants to be a  reboot of the series, and looks to be tossing aside canon and timelines haphazardly, but the series has never been very good at explaining its time travel, so what are you supposed to believe?  What is clear in these trailers, for good or ill (emphasis on ill,) is that the studio thinks that this would be a great opportunity to retread on the franchise’s most iconic moments.

Time will tell (editor’s note:  so will our review!) whether or not Genisys manages to capture the glory of the golden days or is just digging up an old corpse for one last sad waltz.




When to see it: For summer blockbuster sequels, you have plenty to choose from, but i can’t fault you for checking out some Arnold on Arnold action on the big screen.  If you want to see it, in theaters is the way to go.


Cartel Land

A view of vigilantes on both sides of the borders who are currently battling the drug cartels, due to ineffectual governments and police forces, Cartel Land tell their story of struggle, and outrage.

I love me a good documentary and Cartel Land hits fairly close to home for me. I lived in Arizona, spent time in Mexico and have seen the drug cartel’s destruction (and the self-serving ridiculous nature of our America’s “war on drugs”.)  Since this is a movie blog I shall put away my soap box, and say this is gritty pure gonzo journalism.


When to see it:  Catch it when you can! Director Matthew Heineman put himself in shoot outs, and in very real danger to tell this tale. Watch it, tell your friends about it, and perhaps then we can put an end to the drug war that perpetuates this cycle of violence.


Magic Mike XXL

Well, what have we got here?  Another sequel?  Let’s take a look…

Dear god!

Uhh no. Just no.


When to see it: After a night of killing puppies and kittens, but you still have a small piece of humanity within you that you must destroy. Do so by watching this movie and may God have mercy on your soul.


Faith Of Our Fathers

From the studio that brought you God’s Not Dead comes another overwrought Christian propaganda piece in Faith Of Our Fathers. I like to keep an open mind my friends, and I could care less about religious overtones/undertones that are put in a movie.  Hey, sometimes they work…but for Christ’s sake write a decent script and get yourself a decent cast!  I was almost expecting to see Kirk Cameron headlining this title, but apparently even Mike Seaver wanted nothing to do with this project. So they get the next best thing in Stephen Baldwin.  Seriously?  The guy from Bio Dome and the hilariously bad Flintstones sequel?  You’re not even trying, and it will literally take a miracle for this movie not to be abysmal.


When to see it: After you and your buddies write to your congressman protesting the federal same sex marriage law, you goddamn bigots.

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