Coming Soon Trailers: The 33, My All-American, Heist

The 33 coming soon trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

33This week’s box office trailers are playing it safe, attempting to appeal to a diverse audience and to avoid the current heavy weights, Spectre and The Peanuts Movie.  While that may sound sensible, the niche aspect of this week’s fare may slow any momentum theaters experienced last week, after a disastrous October put audiences in a coma.  I know I’m hard pressed to find anything in this selection crying out for my attention, or my money.

Wide Releases

The 33

A deadly collapse in a Chilean mine leaves 33 workers buried miles below the surface with a dwindling amount of air, while above the world watches on in desperation as crews furiously attempt to tunnel their way down to rescue their fellow workers.  Based mostly upon true events, plus a little Hollywood drama for good measure.


When to See It:  If you have to see something new in theaters, this seems like the likely candidate, although early reports are very mixed.  Personally, this feels like a rental.

Love the Coopers

Four generations gather for a family Christmas, and attempt to survive another holiday with their relatives.


When to See It:  Rent it.  A Christmas comedy this early in November?  Somebody is counting on being available for rental come the actual holidays…

My All-American

Sports biopic about Freddie Steinmark, an unlikely football star faces adversity on and off the field.  Long story short, Rudy gets cancer.


When to See It:  Streaming services.  Sports movies have struggled mightily at the box office as of late, and even the screen writer behind Rudy and Hoosiers is going to be hard pressed to fill seats this week.



Dave Bautista and Jeffrey Dean Morgan attempt to rob a casino run by Robert DeNiro, and are forced to take a city bus hostage in order to escape from both the police and a very angry DeNiro.  Shades of Heat and Speed.



Two very different individuals, Tahir (Anthony Mackie) and Hannah (Jennifer Connelly) meet in a shelter while living on the streets of New York City.  They slowly develop a friendship and share the stories of the events that led them to be homeless.



A C-List comedian wanders through a series of surreal and tawdry clubs, hoping for a last shot at the big time and a chance to re-unite with his estranged daughter.



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