Coming Soon Trailers: The 5th Wave, Dirty Grandpa, Martyrs

The Fith Wave Movie Trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

Yes, weep for those foolish enough to see this.
Yes, weep for those foolish enough to see this.

With The Hunger Games out of the picture,This week’s trailers features a new franchise based on post-apocalyptic young adult fodder, The 5th Wave, hoping to capture the tween audience.  We also have the second horror movie in two years named The Boy, though this one looks nowhere near as scary as last years independent film.  Finally, Robert De Niro is hard at work destroying his chances of a life-time achievement Oscar by making another stupid, raunchy comedy.  When Ben Stiller stops answering the phone and you have to slum it up with the ever unfunny Zac Efron, you should probably call it a day.

Wide Releases

The 5th Wave


An alien invasion pummels humanity with waves of catastrophes that they apparently cribbed from a Cecile B. DeMille movie.  As the invaders prepare for their death blow, young children go mysteriously missing, and one young woman decides to take humanity’s resistance in her own hands and track down her alien-napped little brother.

When to See It:  Theaters?  Visuals look pretty good, and I’m intrigued to see how the film portrays the increasingly gonzo (and rather baroque) calamities that our new alien overlords pitch at a cowering populace.

The Boy


An american woman is hired to care for a British families precious son…who turns out to be a creepy doll that may or may not be possessed by evil spirits.

When to See It:  Skip it and watch 2015’s The Boy instead.  That movie had psychological tension down to a Tee, whereas this film has a ventriloquist’s dummy being played for cheap jump scares.

Dirty Grandpa


Zac Efron gets saddled with toting his lewd grandfather (De Niro) along with him on spring break for one last hurrah before tying the knot.

When to See It:  Never.  If you want to see Zac approximate funny in a raunchy comedy, watch Neighbors instead.  If you want to see Robert De Niro actually act in something, watch any of his movies made before 2000.  There are better road trip movies out there, people.

Video On Demand



As a child, Lucie was held prisoner by an abusive foster family.  She managed to escape, physically, but mentally she cannot get out from under the load of her horrific childhood.  A lifelong friend helps her to confront the family that victimized her, but the result may be more bloody revenge than healing catharsis.


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