Coming Soon Trailers: The Boss, Hardcore Henry, Demolition

Coming Soon Trailers

demolition-movie-poster-5429Somebody please tell me Melissa McCarthy’s fifteen minutes are up.  She’s making movies like there’s no tomorrow, and based on the shelf life of comedians (and the reviews for her comedies) she’s right.  In addition to her thinly veiled Trump spoof, we’ve got an early Oscar bait film from Jake Gyllenhaal about an investment banker (apparently he slept through the last two years and nobody told him The Big Short and Wolf of Wall Street have already been made…) and finally, a first person shooter come to life, Hardcore Henry.  Keeping things nice and even, there are also three new releases on VOD.

Wide Release

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy is an obnoxious business mogul with outrageous red hair who loves to brag about her wealth.  Sound familiar?  The studio hopes so.  The Boss is a riches to rags story about a blowhard billionaire who loses everything and must start over, learning some humility and humanity in the process.


When to See It:  I guess if you’re stuck in a check-out lane and you spot the inevitable Melissa McCarthy 3-pack DVD (and you missed SPY) pick this up on the cheap.  But really only if you missed SPY, cause this is certainly not worth a solo investment.  Also, I can’t wait for this movie to stop spamming my YouTube and Amazon play list with commercials every ten seconds.

Hardcore Henry

A newly resurrected cyborg named Henry is nearing completion when evil forces destroy the lab housing him, steal his wife, and attempt to kill him.  This pisses him off, and since he has no vocal cords, he decides to settle his differences with two hours of explosions and metal fisticuffs.


When to See It:  Wait for reviews.  This movie is either going to be the most sublime piece of ass-kicking action fluff to ever grace the screens, or a colossal train wreck that induces mass vomiting with its shaky first person perspective.  Our review will be up tomorrow, if you want to know which it ends up being.


Jake Gyllenhaal is an investment banker whose life implodes after a personal tragedy.  Slightly unhinged, he begins a strange relationship with a customer service rep by penning self effacing and self incriminating personal letters to her department.  Catharsis and redemption ensue.


When to See It:  Rent it.  There’s an off chance this may get an Oscar nod next February, and by that time it should be a pretty cheap rental.  Early reviews have this as a couple of great performances that flounder in a muddled and messily plotted film.

Video On Demand

The Girl in the Photographs

In a sleepy town called Spearfish, a young woman dreams of leaving to live a life of celebrity, but becomes famous for all the wrong reasons when a pair of demented psychopaths start sending her pictures of their victims.


See It?  Skip it.  Looks like a by-the-numbers horror flick with some pretty flimsy acting.

Kill Your Friends

A self-obsessed talent scout for a music label in London is hoping to ride the wave of Britpop success in the mid 1990’s.  Cynical and greedy, he hates music and musicians, and is willing to go to any length to make himself rich before the bubble bursts.


See It?  Skip it.  This film hopes to catch an “American Psycho” meets “Almost Famous” vibe, but the characters are miserable and the era of 1990’s Britpop is hardly as iconic as the Gordon Gecko inspired  Wall Street of the 1980’s.


A french couple taking one last stab at saving their marriage go on the quintessential road trip through the American South West.  When the relationship explodes in recriminations, they go their separate ways in a strange land.


See It?  Yes.  This is certainly not a novel plot, but there’s something about the presentation that sets it apart.  The cast is solid and the trailer has some nice visuals.  If it’s on a discount, this could be worth a shot.


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