Coming Soon Trailers: The Current Wars, Black and Blue, Countdown.

A trio of wide releases ranging from horror to historical drama hope to finish out October strong.

Hollywood is casting a wide net to wrap up the Fall season. We’ve got a ripped-from-the-headlines police drama, a historical drama that was originally slated for 2017, and the obligatory Halloween horror flick. No matter what your tastes, there plenty at the box office this weekend.

The variety smorgasbord extends on to VOD this week as well. Eddie Murphy is the man to beat with his biopic of blaxploitation cult icon Ruddy Ray Moore. We also get a documentary about the use of psychedelics to treat PTSD in soldiers, a gonzo Japanese crime story, and several scary movies that hopefully offer more treats than tricks.

He certainly looks confident heading in to the weekend.

Wide Release.

Black and Blue.

A policewoman in New Orleans accidentally captures a group of corrupt cops executing a drug dealer. On the run from both her former partners and the dealer’s organization, she has to team up with an unlikely ally.


A nurse accidentally opens an app that claims to predict your death date. Hers is in three days.

The Current Wars.

A dramatization of the intrigue and maneuvering of famed industrialists Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse as they try to make their competing electrical systems the standard for lighting the new American century.

Video on Demand.

From Shock to Awe.

This doc follows two soldiers suffering from PTSD who hope emerging study into psychedelics can help treat their condition.


A young woman tries to piece her life back together after a failed suicide attempt. Based in part on the director’s real experiences.

She’s Just a Shadow.

Three characters – a serial killer, a high-powered Japanese madam, and a drug addicted gangster – see their stories intersect in one bloody drama.

Dolemite Is My Name (Netflix.)

A biopic about struggling comedian Ruddy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) who took his stage persona, Dolemite, and turned him into a cultural icon.

The Kill Team.

A young US soldier in Afgahanistan witnesses fellow soldiers killing civilians under the orders of a brutal commanding officer. As he tries to break the story, the other soldiers begin hunting for the “traitor” in their midst.

Girl on the Third Floor.

A man begins to spiral into darkness as his ill-advised DIY renovation of a dilapidated Victorian house reveals a haunted past for both the man and the structure.

The Cat and the Moon.

A young teen deals with feelings of grief and loneliness when she moves to a new town.


When a research facility creates the first artificial black hole, it causes a mass black-out…and the appearance of mysterious floating portals. Apprehension turns to terror as the sentient doors lure people to step into them.

The Gallows Act II.

An aspiring online starlet performs a scene from a supposedly cursed play, The Gallows, on her channel and is soon haunted by the supernatural figure known as the Hangman.

Rattlesnake (Netflix.)

A mother and daughter have their car break down while crossing the dessert. When the young girl is bitten by a deadly snake, she must seek help from a sinister woman. She learns the price of healing her daughter is to take another person’s life…and she has one day to find her replacement.

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