Coming Soon Trailers: The Gentlemen, The Turning.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Gentlemen, The Turning.

Guy Ritchie goes back to snappy crime stories, and A Turn of the Screw gets a modern re-imagining.

I can’t say that this week’s wide releases grab me right away. I’m cool on Guy Ritchie’s slick style, especially after watching the mess that was King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Henry James’ A Turn of the Screw is a Gothic horror story that I absolutely loathe. That being said, The Gentlemen looks to be a return to form for Ritchie, and I’m always hopeful that a re-imagining can address things that didn’t work in the original.

At home, just two new films hit streaming. One in particular catches our eye: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which had an extremely limited two-day theater release last year.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Gentlemen, The Turning.
Very limited.

Wide Release.

The Gentlemen.

A wealthy drug baron, Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConnaughey), is looking to divest from his cannabis empire and retire. This creates a mad scramble from rival drug lords, petty crooks, a team of violent amateur boxers, and a bitter tabloid owner to get a piece of Pearson’s empire (and Pearson himself) before he disappears.

The Turning.

A wealthy widower hires a governess to take charge of his two young children during their bereavement. Supernatural events convince the governess that something otherworldly has attached itself to the children.

Video on Demand.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Two decades after they traveled across the country to stop a movie based on their lives from being filmed, stoners Jay and Silent Bob catch wind of a fresh plot to reboot that film for nostalgia value. They set out again to thwart their only reasonable chance at fame and fortune.

My Name is Myeisha.

A young black woman recounts the events of her life that led up to a fateful encounter with the police. Based on an award-winning stageplay, Dreamscape.

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