Coming Soon Trailers: The Girl on the Train, The Birth of a Nation.

Coming Soon Trailers:  The Girl on the Train, The Birth of a Nation, Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life.

Can three new wide releases help salvage a weak September?  We also have 7 VOD releases to preview.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Girl on the Train, The Birth of a Nation.September is really kicking the crap out of Hollywood.  The last three weekends have been down by roughly 25% compared to last year.  I feel like this week Hollywood is just going to steer into the skid.  The three wide releases this week aren’t likely to jumpstart the market, instead we have a pair of films that are positioning themselves for Oscar consideration and one movie for children.  On the flip side, we have the home market putting out a full court press:  7 movies due out this week with another 11 movies just over the horizon.  With Hurricane Mathew heading up the coast this weekend, we’re likely to have a very light weekend at the box office, with VOD reaping the rewards.

Wide Release

The Girl on the Train

A woman rides the train every day after her divorce, hoping to catch glimpses of a couple whom she is secretly watching.  They are her “perfect couple,” but one day she sees something terrible happen that will drag her into their real life struggles.

See It?:  Yes.

Strong cast and well shot, this could be a top notch thriller.

The Birth of a Nation

A dramatic adaptation of the life of Nat Turner, a preacher and slave who led a rebellion for emancipation in the pre-Civil War south.

See It?:  maybe.

This film has some unsavory baggage, as the director/star inserts a fictional rape into the narrative.  Not a great idea, as he was charged with rape in real life.  This puts the film in a morally dubious position,  a shame, since it looks like an otherwise strong film.

Middle School – The Worst Years of My Life

A new kid in a new school tries to navigate through class, bullies, friends and a new love interest.

See It?:  Yes.

While it has every dopey cliche about kids versus adults you’d expect, it also has a great visual aesthetic and unique personality.  You could do worse for your kids.

Video on Demand

Counter Clockwise

A scientist working on teleportation discovers time travel instead, but winds up in a future where society is breaking down and he is the prime suspect in the murder of his own family.

Thoughts:  See it.

It is a bit unpolished, but it has some great elements and a gripping premise.

Kids in Love

A young teen on a gap year falls in love with a free spirited girl and gets sucked into the underground party scene in London.

Thoughts:  Skip it.

You’ve seen this a dozen times, and it doesn’t get any more interesting upon reheating.

Wild Oats

A pair of old friends, united by the loss of their husbands, get an unexpected chance to run wild when the insurance company cuts them a check for 5 million dollars.

Thoughts:  See it.

Legendary cast and a fun premise.  Take your mother out for a movie, you schlub.

The Greasy Strangler

A very odd father and son dynamic emerges when it is revealed that the old man is actually a notorious killer called the greasy strangler.

Thoughts:  Skip it.

Free-wheeling creativity winds up in the toilet as this film embraces all the raunch but none of the fun of a Troma film.

The Late Bloomer

A noted sex therapist discovers that his cool demeanor about love is the result of a tumor that kept him from experiencing puberty.  When it is removed, he becomes a pimply, sex crazed 30-something trying to keep his life from going to hell.

Thoughts:  Skip it.

Another movie about a man-child who has to deal with sexuality.  Yawn.

The Hollow

The brutal slaying of a senator’s daugher and her beau lead a team of FBI agents to a forgotten corner of Mississippi where the law is very different from Washington, DC.

Thoughts:  See it.

The cast is mostly known for television, but good television, and the story and setting are remarkable.


Inspired by a true story, a young woman is raped and murdered while her entire apartment complex stands by, each refusing to acknowledge the crime for personal reasons.

Thoughts:  See it.

I have a feeling this is going to be the gut-punch movie to beat this year.  Gripping and emotionally devastating, it nevertheless looks to be compelling.

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