Coming Soon Trailers: The Great Wall, A Cure for Wellness.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Great Wall, A Cure for Wellness.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Great Wall, A Cure for Wellness.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Great Wall, A Cure for Wellness.

Matt Damon fights dragons, Charlie Day fights Ice Cube, and Gore Verbinski fights critics in our three wide releases, plus we have four new rentals to peruse.

Last weekend’s new releases lit up the box office, and now we have our first big budget release of the year hoping to follow suit.  The Great Wall has already nailed down its target audience, China, to the tune of 240 million dollars.  Will it be a global success or will it be another WarCraft?  Ice Cube returns to high school to get into a raunchy fist fight.  Finally, Gore Verbinski fends off critics with his highly stylized horror film, A Cure for Wellness.

At home we have yet more horror films to shiver through, as well as a hipster romance and a too-good to be true documentary about a famous literary hoax that nobody cares about any more.

Wide Release.

The Great Wall.

Matt Damon travels to China to cash a paycheck find a legendary weapon, but discovers that the Great Wall is all that stands between humanity and a plague of dragons.


See It?:  No.

There are some lovely visuals here, but this flick is more The House of a Thousand Daggers than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  The CG dragons look like the zekes from World War Z, and the costumes look like somebody raided Mighty Morphing Power Rangers’ set.  I also find Damon’s delivery of his lines to be really stilted and jarring.  I’ll be skipping this trip to China.

Fist Fight.

Ice Cube and Charlie Day are two teachers in the worst high school on Earth.  When Cube tries to get tough with his students, Day rats him out.  Out of a job, Cube challenges him to an old school rumble after class, and the whole school is lining up to watch the straight laced new teacher get rocked.


See It?:  Rent it.

Looks fun, if crass, and the jokes are hit or miss.  The impending doom for Day feels like a role reversal from Friday, with Ice Cube playing the bully instead of the hero.  There’s enough humor here to warrant a rental, but I don’t think it has enough muscle to deserve your lunch money.

A Cure for Wellness.

A young executive is sent to a reclusive health spa in Switzerland to find the CEO of his company, who has gone radio silent after sending some very cryptic messages to his firm.  Once inside, the young man learns that the cure may be worse than the disease, and nobody is ever allowed to check out.


See It?:  Wait for Review.

This has become a polarizing film for critics, some who laud the visuals and others who say that it is all style and no substance.  I like what I see and will write it up tonight, so if you’re on the fence, wait for the review.

Video on Demand

Sisters of the Plague.

A young woman who guides haunted house tours in New Orleans thinks that her new home may have a dark secret.  She hires a medium to help her, but things quickly spiral out of control.


See It?:  Maybe.

This film took some time to come around, seeing as it was released in 2015.  It has some nice cinematography, but some weak dialogue.  It is definitely a niche film, but fans of the possession genre may be in for a good time.


A courier is hired to drive a wealthy business man’s daughter around.  Her father is very detached, so the young driver ends up showing her the sights and all of his favorite eateries.  The pair strike up a romance, and with her flight scheduled for the morning, have to decide if they are ready to take the next step.


See It?:  No.

A freelance driver, a Sriracha-based hot sauce scheme, artsy and overpriced comfort food, and dreams of opening a food truck?  Jesus is this the hipster-est movie I’ve ever heard of!  Avoid this unless you have some down time from grooming your silly mustache.

Author:  The JT LeRoy Story.

One author set the literary elite on fire with stories of childhood abuse and teen prostitution.  One woman set the same world on fire when it was discovered that she had created the author from whole cloth and hired a relative to play him in real life as he hob-nobbed with clueless celebrities.  This documentary explores the story from both angles:  self expression and writerly prerogative, or literary hoax?


See It?:  Wait for Netflix.

I don’t think this story is keeping many people up at night.  It happened eons ago for pop culture purposes, and it effected a small minority of ultra elite socialites.  It is an interesting story, just not a pressing one.  Netflix is for documentaries, as I always say.


Four female directors craft four short films full of horror.


See It?:  Yes.

I love the visuals and the variety of stories on display.  Even if you couldn’t care less about a female led and female directed collection, this anthology looks delightfully malevolent.  Check it out.

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