Coming Soon Trailers: The Grey Fox, Tommaso.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Grey Fox, Tommaso.

Theatrical at home sees some big names, and the streaming market begins June strong.

One upside to their not being any actual theatrical releases schedule for early June is that you have time to catch up with all of the many streaming films premiering this week. Big names head the line-up, with interesting films from Willem Dafoe and Elisabeth Moss which we could be seeing again next Oscar season. All in all, eight theatrical at home titles drop this week, one of the higher counts of the new pandemic cinema.

Theatrical at Home.

Alice (Monument Releasing)

After discovering that her husband’s addiction to escorts has left their family penniless, Alice finds herself drawn into the world of high-end prostitution as a means of caring for herself and her child.

The High Note (Alamo at Home)

Maggie (Dakota Johnson) dreams of producing music while working as the personal assistant to Grace Davis (Tracee Ellis Ross), an iconic singer who hasn’t released a new album in a decade. Every inch the diva, Grace has the misfortune of being a woman over 40, and no one believes she can hit the charts with new material. No one, that is, except for Maggie, who asks Grace to take a chance on her assistant and, more importantly, take a chance on herself.

Shirley (Alamo at Home, Jun. 5)

Renowned horror writer Shirley Jackson (Elisabeth Moss) is on the precipice of writing her masterpiece when the arrival of newlyweds upends her meticulous routine and heightens tensions in her already tempestuous relationship with her philandering husband. The middle-aged couple, prone to ruthless barbs and copious afternoon cocktails, begins to toy mercilessly with the naïve young couple at their door.

The Grey Fox (Kino Marquee, Jun. 5)

After decades in prison, stagecoach robber Bill Miner (Richard Farnsworth) emerges in 1901 a free man without a place in 20th century society… until he sees The Great Train Robbery and is inspired to once again do what he does best.

2040 (Jun. 5)

Motivated by his 4-year-old daughter and concern for the planet she will inherit, award-winning Australian director Damon Gameau, embarks on a global journey to discover what the future of the planet could look like by the year 2040 if we embraced the best solutions already available to us, and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Tommaso (Kino Lorber, Jun. 5)

An older American expat (Willem Dafoe) living in Rome with his young wife and their daughter. Disoriented by his past misgivings and subsequent, unexpected blows to his self-esteem, Tommaso wades through this late chapter of his life with an increasingly impaired grasp on reality as he prepares for his next film.

Yourself and Yours (Cinema Guild, Jun. 5)

Painter Young-soo (Kim Joo-hyuk) hears secondhand that his girlfriend, Min-jung (Lee Yoo-young), has recently had (many) drinks with an unknown man. This leads to a quarrel that seems to end their relationship. The next day, Young-soo sets out in search of Min-jung, while she—or a woman who looks exactly like her and may or may not be her twin—has a series of encounters with strange men, some of whom claim to have met her before.

Ursula Von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own (Jun. 5)

URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD: INTO HER OWN is an artistic biography of one of the few women in the world working in monumental sculpture.

Video on Demand.

The Infiltrators (Jun. 2)

THE INFILTRATORS is a docu-thriller that tells the true story of young immigrants who are detained by Border Patrol and thrown into a shadowy for-profit detention center— on purpose. Marco and Viri are members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, a group of radical DREAMers who are on a mission to stop unjust deportations. And the best place to stop deportations, they believe, is in detention.

Searching Eva (Jun. 2)

*NSFW Trailer.

“I dedicate my life to showing the world that one can pretend to be whoever they want,” says Eva Collé, the protagonist of Pia Hellenthal’s enthralling documentary “Searching Eva.” Eva, 25, drifter, Berliner, pet-owner, poet, lesbian, sex worker, virgo, housewife, addict, feminist, model, declared privacy an outdated concept at the age of 14. This is the tale of a young woman growing up in the age of the internet, turning the search for oneself into a public spectacle, challenging you on what a woman “should be.”

Punching and Stealing (Jun. 2)

Set in the streets of Las Vegas, away from the strip, Punching And Stealing is an action comedy vigilante film about Sam Bransby, a young man that becomes jaded and uses violence to get back his dad’s stolen pension money from corporate suits under the direction of his hitman boss (Mel Rodriguez ) in their organization, “Pension Recovery Force”. As fate would have it, as he turns to the dark side (with humor) in his vigilante faction, he meets the love of his life, Jen. As hard as he tries to keep it a secret from her, his vigilante world and love life collide.

A Clear Shot (Jun.2)

An electronic store erupts into chaos as four gunmen storm the premises. Rick Gomez, Sacramento Police Departments’ top negotiator, realizes he needs to talk down the gunmen and keep everyone safe, all while juggling government politics. The gunmen leader doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but his brother is a different story. A peaceful surrender quickly turns this sleepy city into a national tragedy.

Becoming Who I Was (Jun. 2)

After a boy discovers that he is the reincarnation of a centuries-old Tibetan monk, his godfather takes him on an epic journey to discover his past in a story of profound faith and unconditional love. Filmed over eight years, we witness an incredibly intimate bond of friendship between a future spiritual leader and his godfather, whose devotion and selflessness in care for the boy is truly touching.

The Deeper You Dig (Jun. 5)

14-year old Echo and mother, Ivy, a tarot card reader, live a quiet life in a rural area. When reclusive Kurt moves down the road to restore an abandoned farmhouse, an accident leads to Echo’s murder, and suddenly three lives collide in mysterious and wicked ways. Kurt assumes he can hide his secret under the ground. But Echo burrows into his head until he can feel her in his bones. As she haunts his every move, trying to reach her mother from beyond, Ivy must dig deep to see the signs and prove that love won’t stay buried.

The Hammer (Jun. 5)

A father faces a personal crisis when he discovers his estranged son fleeing a botched drug deal. The two men embark on a violent odyssey that grapples with themes of fatherhood, family and fate.

Becky (Jun. 5)

*Red Band Trailer.

Spunky and rebellious, Becky (Lulu Wilson) is brought to a weekend getaway at a lake house by her father Jeff (Joel McHale) in an effort to try to reconnect. The trip immediately takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts on the run, led by the merciless Dominick (Kevin James), suddenly invade the lake house.

The Collini Case (Jun. 5)

For Caspar, there is much more at stake than his first big case as a defense lawyer. The victim was the grandfather of his childhood sweetheart, Johanna (Alexandra Maria Lara), and was a surrogate father to him in his youth. In addition, Caspar has an adversary in his former criminal law professor and legendary defense lawyer Richard Mattinger (Heiner Lauterbach), who has been appointed the joint plaintiff representative. The case quickly becomes a high-profile event, as Collini refuses to divulge his reason for killing Meyer.

As Caspar dives deeper and deeper into the case, he not only is confronted with the troubled past of the family he thought he knew so well, but he also uncovers one of the biggest judicial scandals in German history.

Dinner Party (Jun. 5)

Renowned surgeon and culinary enthusiast, Carmine Braun, invites playwright, Jeffrey Duncan, and his wife to join his eccentric friends at their semi-annual dinner party, having promised to fund Duncan’s new play to Broadway. As the evening descends into madness, the group’s true intentions are revealed, along with an ancient secret that will change the Duncans’ lives and fortunes forever.

Judy and Punch (Jun. 5)

In the anarchic town of Seaside, nowhere near the sea, puppeteers Judy and Punch are trying to resurrect their marionette show. The show is a hit due to Judy’s superior puppeteering, but Punch’s driving ambition and penchant for whisky lead to an inevitable tragedy that Judy must avenge.

Dreamland (Jun. 5)

*Staff Pick: Sure, we’ve been burned by VOD movies featuring Henry Rollins before…but this looks weird enough to banish those memories.

On the night of the strangest weddings in cinema history, a grotesque gang boss hires a stone cold killer to bring him the finger of a fading, drug-addicted jazz legend.

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