Coming Soon Trailers: The Hateful Eight, Anomalisa

The Hatefull Eight Coming soon trailers

Coming Soon Trailers

Feast and famine, feast and famine.  After last weeks glut of five wide releases, 2015 trailers goes out with a whimper with just one new wide release.  If you’re in New York or L.A., your choice of new films to watch doubles…so two.  You have two new films to choose from.  Once again, the VOD market is sound asleep until the middle of January, so I guess even the home market has decided to get the hell out of Star Wars‘ way!

Wide Release

The Hateful Eight

A string of bad luck and bad weather, plus one incredibly high bounty have trapped eight strangers in a secluded way station.  As they slowly reveal their identities, alliances are made and broken, and those who are left standing must contend with a blizzard and a band of cut throats who have their own plans for the prisoner and her bounty.


When to See It:  If you have any interest in Quentin Tarrantino’s products, which at this point are pretty much a known quantity, catch this one at the theater, especially if you can find a specialty screening that makes use of the 70mm Anamorphic filming, which will result in a high fidelity ultra-widescreen experience.

Limited Release


Michael Stone is a customer service guru who travels the rust belt giving lectures based on his best-selling book.  He is also terminally bored with life.  This all changes in Cincinnati when he meets Lisa, a baked goods sales representative, who he feels an almost transcendent connection to.  The only wrinkle is that Stone is married with children.  What happens when you meet the love of your life, after you’ve already made most of your life’s commitments?


When to See It:  This is a tough call.  The film has only three actors providing voices for all of the puppets.  Yes, puppets.  So…it’s going to be a singular experience, for good or ill.  If you’re lucky enough to be in the few locations this films, I would gladly curl up with this blend of Woody Allen and Jim Henson on New Years.  If not, I feel it will translate well to the small screen, so keep an eyes open for it when it goes to rental markets.


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