Coming Soon Trailers: The Invisible Man.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Invisible Man.

Can you call The Invisible Man a “must see” movie? I can!

How to describe Universal’s Dark Universe? Awful? Yeah. Awful about sums it up. From Dracula Untold to The Mummy, the effort to resurrect golden age monster mash movies has gone over like a turd in the Black Lagoon. This year, I’m hoping The Invisible Man turns that trend around.

Unlike other entries in the Dark Universe, Invisible Man isn’t looking to be a big action blockbuster. Instead it’s looking to be creepy as hell. And timely. Banking on Elizabeth Moss’ cultural cachet when it comes to communicating women’s fear and anger, The Invisible Man looks to deftly reinterpret the material to deal with abuse, stalking, and gaslighting. I can’t wait.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Invisible Man.

Wide Release.

The Invisible Man (2020).

Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) flees her controlling and abusive relationship to a wealthy scientist. Soon, she learns that her ex has committed suicide, and left his estate to her. Instead of feeling safe, Cecilia begins to believe that her ex, unseen by those around her, is still stalking her.

Video on Demand.


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