Coming Soon Trailers: The Jungle Book, Criminal, Barbershop the Next Cut

Coming Soon Trailers.

You thought you were having a bad day...
You thought you were having a bad day…

Disney isn’t content to have just one hit movie in theaters at a time, so this week we get the star-studded remake of The Jungle Book, featuring more CG animals than you can wave man’s red fire at.  Ice Cube goes back to the well by resurrecting his Barbershop franchise.  I was kind of hoping his son was going to play him in this film too…  Finally, we get a body-swap thriller starring Kevin Costner.  How many body swap films have we had in the last two years?  Is this the new zombie flick?

Over on the home market, we get a couple of horror movies, because of course we do.  Westerns and horrors, all day, every day over on VOD.  Lets get cracking.

Wide Release

The Jungle Book

The live action(ish) retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s story featuring Mowgli, the boy raised by wolves, who must leave the forest when Sher Khan the tiger returns and declares he will kill any humans he finds in the jungle.  The animals are all computer generated and voice acted by a who’s who list of celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Idris Elba, Lupita Nyongo and Ben Kingsley.


When to See It:  Got kids?  No brainer, go see it in theaters.  Loved the original?  Maybe wait to see some reviews first…


When a CIA operative (Ryan Reynolds) is killed in the line of duty while in possession of vital information, his memories are put into the body of a death-row inmate (Kevin Costner) who has nothing to lose.


When to See It:  Rent it when you’re “angry drunk.”  Last year somebody put Ben Kingsley’s brain into Ryan Reynolds body in Self/Less, and it sucked.  I don’t think the solution was to put Ryan Reynolds brain into Kevin Costner.  Costner playing an anti-hero almost always means a feature length session of glowering and scenery chewing.

Barbershop:  The Next Cut

Hey, Ice Cube still owns a barbershop!  Guess we need to make another movie about that…


When to See It:  Rent it in an epic 3 movie Barbershop marathon (if you’re into self inflicted mental trauma, go ahead and queue up the Beauty Shop spin-off as well!)  When you’re done, you can safely determine if you ever want to see another Ice Cube movie again.

Video On Demand

13 Cameras

A young couple move into a new rental home, only to become the object of the owners constant, creepy attention.


See It?:  Maybe.  Trailer had me interested until it decided to overshare.  The whole point of a psychological horror movie is to slowly tighten the screws, but when you know where the plot is going from the get-go, it really sucks out the tension.  Now you’re just spending the whole movie waiting for it to get the parts it clearly showed you were coming.  Completely erased all of the nice things I was going to say about it.  Wait for this one to hit the freebie bin.


A collection of short films by a cavalcade of influential directors, all featuring a vignette about a different holiday.


See It?:  Yes.  It’s worth the price of admission just to see this many young and talented directors being given pretty much free rein.  I’m pretty sure they’re going to murder Seth Green at some point, too, so it has that going for it as well.  I like the short-film angle for horror stories, allows you to get right to the good parts without having to wring your hands for an hour.

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