Coming Soon Trailers: The Lion King.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Lion King.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Lion King.

Disney’s latest adaptation has theaters all to itself this weekend.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Lion King.
Big shoes to fill.

If you’re looking for something new at the cineplex this weekend, I hope you like The Lion King.  Disney’s betting big on this “live-action” adaptation, but time will tell if audiences are ready for the third Disney remake in just five months.

If you want to skip the circle of life remakes, the home market is busy this week.  Nine films vie for your attention, including a puppy-based rom com and a Hitler based science fiction flick.  That about covers all the bases, I think.

Wide Release.

The Lion King.

A young lion named Simba (Donald Glover) must avenge his father (James Earl Jones) when an evil uncle (Chiwetel Ejiofor) steals the throne.

Video on Demand.

They’re Inside.

Two sisters hope to finally film their passion project indie film, but stumble upon a group of psychopaths making their own gory, glory project.

Puppy Swap.

Two litter-mate puppies have to convince their owners to get back together or else become part of the split up.

Secret Obsession (Netflix).

After newlywed Jennifer is attacked by an unknown assailant, she loses all memory of recent events.  Her attentive new husband whisks her away to his secluded mansion estate, but a detective working the case begins to question the hubby’s role in the attack.

Absurd Accident.

A jealous motel owner hires a hitman to off his cheating wife, but unfortunately the night of the murder coincides with a gaggle of unexpected guests…including a dogged police officer.


A quartet of aging superheroes feel called back to action when an suspicious death occurs at their retirement home.

Iron Sky:  The Coming Race.

After nuclear war, the last of humanity takes shelter in a secret Nazi base on the moon.  Supplies are dwindling, but one woman discovers the secret power source of the base…with the help of the exiled mass murderer, Adolph Hitler.

Sword of Trust.

A couple inherit a sword from the civil war from their conspiracy theory loving grandfather.  When they try to sell the artifact, they get sucked into a whole subculture of cranks who believe that the sword is proof that the south actually won the war.

Purge of Kingdoms.

A parody of Game of Thrones where eight kings vie for the throne during a bloody “The Purge” style game of…kingdoms?

Into the Ashes.

An ex-con hopes to start a new life and family on the outside, but old grudges aren’t interested in him going straight.


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