Coming Soon Trailers: The Martian, Pawn Sacrifice, Deathgasm

Coming Soon Trailers

Is It October yet?  Release schedules have become a nightmare lately, with films incrementally releasing.  Everest went full release after a few weeks of loitering around the hoity-toity cinema circuit, I thought Sicario was going to be wide-released last week, but nope, it’s actually out this week, and niche films like Pawn Sacrifice keep slowly adding a few dozen theaters here and there.  All of this week’s movies are available where I live (by no means a movie Mecca) so I’m going to treat them here, even if they’re not technically new.

The Martian

What if Apollo 13 happened on Mars?  With a time-delay of 20+ minutes in communications, Houston wouldn’t know you “have a problem” until nearly half an hour after something blew up.  If you needed an emergency space-taxi, you’d only have to hunker down for 18 months while a launch window opened up.  In short, you’d be royally screwed.

Based on the excellent book of the same name, The Martian explores the “what-if?” scenario where an astronaut is left for dead on the red planet and must use the discarded refuse of his aborted science mission in order to survive long enough to get NASA’s attention and, hopefully, a ride home.

When to See It:  In Theaters.  This film topped my list of must-see films way back in January.  If it’s half as good as the book, then you’re looking at Gravity, Castaway, and Apollo 13 all rolled into one gorgeous film.

Pawn Sacrifice

During the height of the Cold War, the mercurial chess genius Bobby Fischer engages in a protracted mental battle with Russian Grand master Boris Spassky in a televised match that served as a proxy war between the two competing nuclear powers.

When to See It:  Rebox rental.  This looks good enough that I don’t want to wait for it to hit home-streaming services…and Redbox is right in front of the store where I buy beer…so really, a win-win.

Attack on Titan, Part 1

Millions of years ago in the future, mankind has been driven nearly extinct by marauding gargantuan creatures called titans.  Ranging from twenty feet tall to nearly skyscraper sized, these apparently mindless eating machines have humanity pinned behind the walls of one giant fortress-city.  One young man’s hatred for the titans leads him to join the military and discover he may have a unique talent that could end the stalemate and lead his people to freedom.

When to See it:  If you like the series…never.  If you like great movies…never.  If you want to see Japan spectacularly bungle a popular franchise by messing with the story and then splitting the resulting atrocity into two parts, all in order to milk die-hard fans of their cash…go ahead and catch it in theaters.  It’ll be probably a year until this hits any kind of rental service, so if you enjoy gawking at traffic accidents, then the limited-time release this film is getting is probably your only chance.


A power-group of high school losers unlock a portal to hell through their undying love of all things heavy metal.  When a mysterious tome comes into their possession, they assume they’ve finally hit the mother load of the most metal artifact in history.  Unfortunately, an ancient demon wants his swag back, and is willing to massacre the whole town in order to get it.

When to See It:  VOD.  This looks like gory good fun, despite the trope of the high-school rejects all clad in black being heavily over-used.  This looks a little like Army of Darkness and Tenacious D had a love-child, which is good enough to get my money, sir.

Finders Keepers

This documentary recounts the bizarre drama surrounding one amputated human leg.  The unfortunate (and supremely unlucky) former owner of the appendage has to wage a legal and public battle against the man who found the leg (inside a gas grill at an auction!) and is using the notoriety of his find to become a local celebrity.  I did not make any of that up.

When to See It:  Netflix…but don’t fall asleep on this one, as it looks amazingly weird.  I predict this documentary is going on a lot of favorite lists as soon as it hits the streaming circuit.


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