Coming Soon Trailers: The Meg, Slender Man, BlacKkKlansman.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Meg, Slender Man, BlacKkKlansman.

A giant shark, an urban ghost story, and a Spike Lee joint are set to square off this weekend at theaters.

It’s certainly an eclectic group of films heading our way this week.  Spike Lee is back with a movie based on a true story that is stranger than fiction.  Jason Statham battles a giant prehistoric shark.  An internet meme/creepypasta urban myth gets a movie that is frankly half a decade too late. And more movies about dogs, because why the hell not?Coming Soon Trailers: The Meg, Slender Man, BlacKkKlansman.

Wide Release.

Dog Days.

Four people whose live’s revolve around dogs find their lives intersecting in new and interesting ways.


The story of Ron Stallworth, the first African American detective in Colorado and the man who infiltrated and exposed the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970’s.

The Meg.

Jason Statham plays a rescue diver who must grapple with a gigantic prehistoric shark that has attacked an underwater science facility.

Slender Man.

Four teens attempt to debunk the myth of the Slender Man, only to accidentally draw its attention.

Video On Demand.

Good Bones.

Two young lovers navigate the high society world of the East Hamptons over the course of a summer romance.

An Eye for an Eye.

A man and woman kidnap the man accused of raping her in order to force a confession from him.  As their methods become more desperate and brutal, they start to question how far they will go.


A man making a living as a black market pet euthanizer starts to come apart mentally when a client disapproves of his of their pet.

Dragon Mountain.

Four dwarves trespass on a dragon’s roost to mine valuable ore.  A cave-in forces them to fight for survival against dwindling resources…and a freaking dragon.

Church & State.

A documentary about the legal and cultural battle between equality advocates and the Mormon church in Utah after the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage.

Hope Springs Eternal.

A young woman named Hope has based her identity, and internet celebrity, around her medical condition.  When tests come back showing she is cancer free, she is forced to re-examine her life.

The Package (Netflix)

Four teens go camping.  One cuts off his dick.  Yup, that’s the premise of this comedy.

Along Came the Devil.

A troubled teen sent to stay with a strict aunt tries to contact her dead mother via occult mean.  Of course this leads to demonic possession.

Pretty Bad Actress.

A former child actress is kidnapped by a demented fan during a casting interview.  While her loyal assistant tries to save her life, her agent is keen on using the kidnapping to re-launch her career.


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