Coming Soon Trailers: The Mummy, VOD Tidal Wave!

Coming Soon Trailers: The Mummy, VOD Tidal Wave!

Coming Soon Trailers: The Mummy, VOD Tidal Wave!

If you’re not into Tom Cruise’s The Mummy maybe the 11 movies On Demand will satisfy.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Mummy, VOD Tidal Wave!I hope you’ve got your favorite pizza place on speed-dial, because this week we have a metric ton of movies coming to the home market…and most of them look good!  There’s thrillers, dramas, horror, science fiction, and nary a documentary to be found.  There’s even a slick heist dramedy out on Netflix, saving us all some money.

At the theaters, the dance card is just as full.  The Mummy, Universal Studio’s latest attempt to restart their monster creature/feature empire, seems like a decent action flick.  Megan Leavey is a war drama that will tug on your heartstrings.  Finally, It Comes at Night is the latest indie horror flick out of red-hot A24 studios.  Let’s get cracking.

Wide Release.

The Mummy.

An adventurer gets caught up in the discovery of an ancient evil.  When the tortured soul of an Egyptian mummy marks him for her own, he finds himself on the run from all sorts of horrors.

  See It?:  Catch a Matinee.

I can’t be sure if this is one of those trailers that gives too much story away, but I think the story is going to be the least interesting thing about this film.  As Tom Cruise is wont to do, this film is going to rely on the action and set pieces, which all look pretty tight.  This should be a guilty pleasure to accompany your popcorn addiction.

It Comes at Night.

A group of strangers are sequestered in a cabin in the woods, hiding from an unnamed world-ending event.  When symptoms start to break out, the residents turn on each other, and the man supposed to be safeguarding them becomes their biggest threat.

See It?:  Yes.

A beautifully cut trailer that introduces the characters and the atmosphere of the film while giving nothing away.  I’m interested in seeing it just to find out what the heck is going on.  The cinematography looks good, the acting is solid, and the scares look well thought out.

Megan Leavey.

A young woman with troubles fitting in joins the army and becomes a part of the minesweeper canine unit.  As she grows increasingly attached to her animal companion, she begins to open up as a person.  When tragedy strikes and sends her back to the States, she has to fight the powers that be in order to be reunited with her dog.  Based on a true story.

See It?:  Rent it.

I’m still waiting to see that performance that shows me what Kate Mara can do.  I didn’t dislike her in anything I’ve seen, but she certainly has been attached to some really bad movies.  This movie pulls on your heart, but doesn’t feel overly manipulative.  I can see getting on the couch with my dog and giving this a view where nobody can see me cry.

Video On Demand.

Dark Signal.

A struggling radio station brings on a psychic to try to shed light on a string of brutal murders in the area.  A radio signal from the ghost of one of the victims leads the crew of the station on a mission to find and stop the killer before they strike again.

See It?:  Skip It.

The visuals are nothing interesting and the scares are all jump-scares.  What could have been a mildly interesting premise is bogged down in the slow as molasses pronouncement of the psychic who is channeling every gypsy stereotype she can.

The Drifter.

A couple of desperate outlaws try to hide out in a town full of cannibals.

See It?:  Nope.

This movie borrows way too hard from other sources.  This feels like The Road Warrior meets The Hills Have Eyes, but ends up looking like the incoherent mess that was The Rover.  Nothing original or striking is on display.


After the loss of her girlfriend, a young woman tries to regroup with a family reunion.  When her brother is called away on business, she develops a relationship with his girlfriend that goes from friendship to romance.  When their affair is revealed, it threatens to destroy the family.

See It?:  Yes.

A well crafted narrative with strong performances and nice visuals.  I’m not in love with all of the dialogue, but the characters feel so interesting that I can overlook it.


A young woman goes missing after taking a job in a secluded motel.  As her friends and law enforcement investigate, it becomes apparent that the kindly old lady running the motel with her mentally challenged adult son has something to hide.

See It?:  Skip It.

A Psycho where the mother is still alive, and there isn’t any tension about whether or not something evil is going on.  The performances are either stilted or over-the-top, which sinks a film with such a time-worn premise.

Prisoner X.

A man caught smuggling uranium into the country is kept in an ultra-secret prison.  As the authorities use every brutal method to get his story out of him, we see a world where everything is in ruins.  When it turns out that the prisoner is carrying highly advanced nanobots inside him, and seems to be able to manipulate time, his interrogators must decide if they believe his stories about changing the present.

See It?:  Yes.

This trailer shows off some flaws, to be certain.  The dialogue can be overheated, and the performances can verge on showboating.  Still, I like the premise and I think the trailer shows you enough of its cards to make me intrigued.  From exploring the morality of our black-site detention polices, to examining a world already in ruin due to terrorist activities, to a rather shrewd time-travel element, I’m willing to give this the benefit of the doubt.

The Wedding Invitation.

Three train-wrecks try to land dates in order to attend one of the biggest weddings of the year.

See It?:  Burn it with Fire.

What a mess!  Terrible acting paired with horrible characters who are paper thin by even rom-com standards.  Nothing here is either new or subversive, and certainly none of it is funny.

Aaron’s Blood.

A father must struggle with his conscience to do what is right after a transfusion causes his hemophiliac son to become infected with vampire blood.

See It?:  Yes!

Put aside how silly the plot synopsis sounds.  This trailer is gripping.  Despite some unpolished performances, you get a raw and emotional current coming off of the actors.  Leaving aside the fantasy elements, this is a gritty look at how far a parent will go for a child.  I’m all in.

As Good as You.

After a woman loses her partner to a long illness, she reaches out to her brother-in-law to help her conceive a child.

See It?:  Rent it.

Another strong drama about a same sex couple dealing with loss and redemption.  I’m not quite as moved by this as Heartland from above, but it is a strong premise.  The characters seem a touch too quirky, which hamstrings the emotional voltage of it but I’m still interested.

Shimmer Lake.

A small town sheriff tries to solve a botched bank robbery that has spiraled out of control.  Since one of the suspects is his brother, he needs to catch the bandits before the feds step in.

See It?: Yes.

A darkly comedic thriller that plays out in reverse?  Yes please!  The acting seems solid, and I like the premise.  I’m not as thrilled by the physical comedy that seems to be out of place.  This could be a bit like Fargo, where a small town full of losers back their way into a tragedy.  Anyhow, I’m game.

Random Tropical Paradise.

A jilted groom-to-be and his best man cash in the cancelled honeymoon tickets, and are mistaken for a same sex couple.  As they attempt to live it up on the island paradise, they run afoul of a drug smuggler and his beautiful mistress, and have to get their asses out of the fire while still trying to have a good time.

See It?:  Wait for it to be free.

There’s some elements here that hit, but more that do not.  It’s not a terribly new set-up for a comedy, but they seem to work with it alright.  It could go either way, so wait for it to hit the free streaming sites.

Band Aid.

A couple on the edge of a divorce decide to work out their mutual loathing by turning their fights into songs.  When their neighbor adds his talents as a drummer, they take their marital spats out on the road and attempt to start a music career based on bickering.

See It?:  Rent it.

I wanted to hate this based on the premise…but it’s charming!  Fred Armisen in particular gives his trademark low-key comedic take that helps ground the silly concept.  The jokes are pretty good, and the main couple have a real chemistry when they’re trying to destroy each other with words.

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