Coming Soon Trailers: The Nun, Peppermint.

Coming Soon Trailers: The Nun, Peppermint.

A possessed nun, a wronged mother, and a race car driver are the focus of this week’s wide release movies.

September is not off to an auspicious start.  Two of the three new releases are on our least anticipated list for 2018...and if I had seen the promo material for Peppermint when I wrote that list, all three would have made the dubious distinction.   Luckily VOD is here to the rescue as fourteen new streaming options hit the market, including a trio from Netflix and a pair of intriguing westerns.


Wide Release.

The Nun.

A priest and a novitiate head to a cloister to investigate a suicide, only to be caught up in a demonic battle.


A mother loses her family to Cartel violence, but her quest for justice is thwarted by a corrupt legal system.  She trains for 5 years and comes back on the anniversary of the attack to bring bloody vengeance on all involved.

God Bless the Broken Road.

Amber is devastated by the loss of her husband in Afghanistan.  At the height of the housing crisis, now she is facing losing the house she and her daughter live in.  Into their life rolls a charismatic race car driver, causing Amber to wonder if providence has something better planned for her.

Video on Demand.


A former spec ops sharpshooter gets involved in organized crime after his discharge from the service.  When he tries to make a clean break to protect his family, the cartel kingpin (Danny Trejo) kidnaps his daughter.  Now the marksman and some old army buddies must shoot their way to justice.

The Dawnseeker.

A team of mercenaries travel to a distant star system to find the materials to save our dying Sun.  They crash land on the planet and must fight the aggressive alien natives to survive and complete the mission.

Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks.

Two estranged siblings are brought together by the death of their saintly parents, two brilliant and cherished doctors who worked for charities their whole lives.  The dysfunctional son and daughter decide to turn the funeral into a fiasco to get back at a lifetime of high expectations.

Davi’s Way.

A documentary following aspiring actor and Frank Sinatra enthusiast Robert Davi, as he tries to recreate Old Blue Eyes’ most famous performance…to greater and lesser success.

Trench 11.

A team of soldiers find a bunker containing WW1 bio weapons that were never unleashed.  As the organism attacks them, they struggle to survive and prevent the weapon from breaking out.


Sid’s traditional family urges him to settle down with a nice Indian girl and give them grandsons.  Sid reveals a secret that will make them regret their pressuring him to have a kid.


After humanity is wiped out by disease, the few survivors struggle to live.  Things get worse when a woman on a scavenger mission is injured and trapped in a car by a creature born of the plague.

Any Bullet Will Do.

In 1876, a country divided by the memory of the Civil War turns two brothers in Montana into bitter enemies as one brother must track and kill the other who served in the rebel army.

City of Joy (Netflix)

A documentary about a revolutionary school empowering young women surviving the horrors of rape and abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Five Fingers for Marseilles.

An outlaw returns to find justice in a town governed by corruption in post-Apartheid South Africa.


After an unexplained death, a criminal psychologist follows a trail of cryptic clues that point to the perpetrator being a creature of demonic power.

Age of Summer.

A teenage boy struggles with coming of age issues while spending the summer as a jr. lifeguard on 1980’s Hermosa Beach scene.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser (Netflix)

An unconventional teen finds herself playing Cyrano de Bergerac to the most popular girl in school and the boy who they both have a crush on.

Next Gen  (Netflix)

A rebellious teen girl pairs up with an experimental combat robot to stop a madman bent on dominating the world through technology.

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